• Face of Jesus Appears Among reCAPTCHA Challenge Words

    February 2, 2012 4:53 pm 11 comments
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  • “I couldn’t believe it,” said Darlene Muberhagen of Louisville, Kentucky. “I had just put the children to bed, I was glancing out at my mini-van in the driveway and I thought, what is the point of it all?”

     “So I started surfing the internet and I posted a comment on yet another Huffington Post article about Lindsay Lohan. I mean, how many articles about Lindsay Lohan can one site post? Anyway I was only on HuffPo because I like to debate the mediocre minds it attracts. I read and comment on the insipid stories in an effort to win those sinners over to the conservative side.”

    “So I finished my post and that weird security thing with the funky words came up. I felt a strange surge come over me and the screen glowed with a warming light. It was so peaceful. When I looked at the screen to enter my captcha words, there was Christ looking back at me! I know I was in his presence.”

    She has kept her computer on that very same page so people can visit it as a shrine. It wouldn’t surprise me if HuffPo counts Ms. Muberhagen’s presence on the page as a “hit” so they can fleece their advertisers more.

    But back to Christ. Ms. Muberhagen said the incident has made her much more faithful.

    Vatican Spokesman Monsignor Guisuippe Tartonnillia said, “We have dispatched an investigator.”

     As for completing her comment on HuffPo’s Lindsay Lohan article, Ms. Muberhagen said, “Well, I don’t want to retype it, but I’m sure there will be another one coming along soon, and soon after that, and so on.”

    Here is what Mrs. Muberhagen saw:

    Decide for yourself! Do you see the FACE of CHRIST? Or do you refuse to believe in his divine omnipresence?

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    Reverend Neuhold Yoder I believe in CHRIST and all things CHRIST-ish. I disagree with LIE-berals but pity them because they will BURN one day. Not because of me, but because of our loving GOD. I write about cultural issues with regard to CHRIST.

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