• Famous Atheist Richard Dawkins Finally Confesses ‘God Does Exist’

    February 29, 2012 4:55 am 115 comments
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  • After decades of defiance and denial, Richard Dawkins is finally submitting to a truth that the majority of Americans know and understand.  God does exist and if you do not believe that fact, you will burn in hell.

    We also know that all atheists believe in no God.  Therefore, all atheists will burn in hell.

    That stunning, painful logic surely lingered within the finer recesses of Professor Dawkin’s mind.  But as revealed today by liberal rag the Huffington Post, Dawkins is doing a confessional and admitting that he cannot disprove the existence of God.

    Long plagued with guilt and insecurity about his immortal soul's potential damnation after death, Richard Dawkins gets candid and confesses that God has broken through even his hardened, atheist heart.

    Now that Richard Dawkins has revealed he has common sense, we must embrace him within the fellowship of Christianity.  We must realize that just like the young apostles, Richard Dawkins is but an idiotic child before the Lord his God.  He cannot understand the complexities of reality and Satan exploited that in him.  Satan can exploit that human arrogance mixed with naivete in any of us.

    For it is written:

    Ephesians: 4:19  They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.

    This verse is specifically talking about the damnation of atheists.  This verse and so many like it reveal the human condition of the hardened heart.  We are not talking about physicality, where a hardened heart will rob the body of oxygen flow, starving it until it succumbs to death.

    We are talking about the spiritual heart, the heart that keeps our soul warm and nourished with the blood of the Lamb.  It is the blood that ensures our salvation and entry unto heaven.  If our hearts are hardened against the truth and love of Christ, then how can we enter the kingdom of heaven?

    Just like a drug addict can fall back to cocaine, such is the plight of atheists.  They can be cure of their poor life choices, but then relapse into a life of sniffing the many sins Satan lays out before them:  arrogance, greed, abortion mongering, hate against Christians, perversions of science and vain haughtiness.

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    When Dawkins croaks, he would surely have much to answer for in his life.  The former atheist penned books named, ‘The God Delusion’ and has been lippy in debate with several clergy and Christian scholars, including our fellow Dr. Pat Heinkel.

    But in a staggering display of raw ministry only hours ago, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams finally broke Dawkins.  In in his ministerial efforts, it seems the Archbishop has saved the eternal life of Dawkins from damnation.

    The night started off as a ‘100-minute debate’ between ‘the world’s most famous atheist’ and a ‘deluded Christian’.  The International New Atheist’s Society thought it would be an event of mockery and disdain, where Dawkins arrogantly called Christians stupid for having faith and demanded if God were real, he should show up and disprove atheism.

    By the end of the night, however, it was Dawkins who was in tears and breaking down.  At first, Dawkins would only concede his wavering faith in the slightest degree.

    In response to the question of God, before the powerful Archbishop, a visibly intimidated Dawkins stammered, “I think the (there is) probability of a supernatural creator existing…”

    Taken aback by Dawkins going from stating “God does not exist” to “there is a chance he exists”, a hushed gasp was heard from many in the pro-atheist crowd.  Dawkins tried going on the offensive, likely the work of Satan massaging his heart and whispering in his ear:

    “What I can’t understand is why you can’t see life is such a staggering, elegant, beautiful thing, why would you want to clutter it up with something so messy as God.”

    Even in that statement, however, Dawkins still addressed God as real.  It was quickly pointed out that Dawkins had no issue with God, but was instead lashing out at the modern practice of Christianity.

    Today’s event marks a monumental moment in the life of Richard Dawkins.  Let’s hold him close in prayer, so that as he begins a journey of true understanding and enlightenment, that he will not fall into the dark areas of cloudy confusion Satan has held on his mind for all so long.  Let us hope that he moves many atheists away from hellfire inducing beliefs and into the light of Christ’s agape love.

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