• Fifth Grade Students Caught Playing ‘Rape-Tag’ a Dangerous Trend Spreading throughout our Public School System

    February 4, 2012 7:28 pm 7 comments
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  • Boys playing Rape-Tag a dangerous new sex-game that encourages anal rape.

    NEW ULM – Washington Elementary School in New Ulm, Minnesota is the latest to experience a rash of kids playing a game called Rape-Tag on the playground. Principal Bill Sprung has sent a letter to the families of all students notifying them of this sick-sex game that encourages children to engage in bisexual anal rape.


    “This is a disturbing trend we’re seeing with children in several states who have seen the game played on YouTube or Facebook,” said Angela Springer, school councilor. The game is played similar to freeze tag. In the game, children “tag” each other by grabbing other students’ private parts to “freeze” them in place. In order to be “unfrozen” the player must first be “humped” from behind.


    Some parents question if the game is really all that bad or somehow out of character for 11 year olds on the playground. Children frequently push the “offensive envelope” with many controversial subjects such as being gay, physical deformities or being a retard. The game is shameful but some parents argue that during their years in elementary school they too participated in and observed other students engage in some very inappropriate behavior that was overlooked as typical kid behavior.


    “There’s nothing funny about anal rape,” said James Kuntz 5th grade teacher. “It’s just wrong on so many levels first that kids at this age are aware of rape and have incorporated it into the game of tag. Second that the game is played by both boys and girls and boys unfreeze other boys, same with the girls and boys will unfreeze girls and vice-verse. So there is a bisexual undertone that I find disturbing for 11 year-olds,” he said.


    This has occurred in the public school system where Bibles and prayer have been banned from campuses across the U.S. Also banned is the use of corporal punishment. There was a time when inappropriate behavior had consequences; you could be paddled by the school’s principal. But today’s enlightened youth early on know that the only consequences they face are suspension or expulsion and in many cases that is the child’s objective from the outset.


    “Our hands are tied,” said principal Sprung adding “there’s very little we can do, notifying the parents is about it.” So how can we as responsible adults curb this trend? Since the schools no longer have prayers it is imperative that parents take up that slack by having nightly Bible studies with their children and limiting their access to TV, friends and the Internet. And parents need to come to grips with the fact that discretionary corporal punishment must return to our public schools for the sake of the kids.

    Restoring Corporal Punishment in the Public School System

    School authorities must have more options other than throwing a kid out the front door with suspension or expulsion. A good sound spanking with a paddle or yard stick is good for unruly children who need to learn their boundaries. And it’s over in 5 minutes and the kid’s back in class; much better than your child sitting at home for a week during their suspension.


    Decades after prayer and corporal punishment were removed from the public school system we can see the effect that it has had on the children and youth culture. Because they believe they are untouchable Satan is able to get into their heads to encourage them to keep pushing the boundaries well beyond what is acceptable in society. Youth provides plenty of energy and curiosity which Satan uses to manipulate your young ones. But once Satan gets your son or daughter to push to far there’s no return and he claims your child’s soul.

    Brother Johnathan Bane

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