• Flying Rat demon’s calling themselves musicians and spreading evil

    February 19, 2012 4:41 pm 57 comments
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  • I put this warring up to help other good Christian parents protect their children. For a while now I have been concerned about our daughter. She has been dressing wrongly, taking an interest in unchristian politics and listening to the devils music.


    About a year ago we moved to Melbourne in Australia and despite having Christian politicians running the country the devils work is not hard to see here and its effects have been rubbing off on our teenage daughter. She has been listen to punk rock – a group of disgusting people who try to gross out each other as much as they can whilst making noise so bad that they can’t get any civilised venue to let them play even for free.


    For a while now, as much as I have hated it, I have tolerated this unholy obsession praying that god will guide her back to the light and vanquish the demons that are trying to corrupt her soul. The other night she disobeyed our wishes, lied and sneaked off to see a show of a group calling themselves The Flying Rats. The name is obviously referring to some kind of satanic angel – a flying version of one of the most disgusting creatures on earth. I followed her and was shocked at what I saw.


    The Flying Rats played under a free-way bridge at a rail yard that they had obviously broken into. Here they tried to rally our confused children to go against the Christians politicians in power, the police and other authority figures that protect us for many of the evils of this world. They promoted drinking and drug use. With songs with names such as ‘Pub Crawl’ they even promoted still drinking when you can’t even walk an obvious ploy for satin to try to steal our children’s souls when their at their low points before they can ask god for redemption. Other songs like ‘Chaos and Revolution’ don’t even try to hide that they are trying to over through the good people of the world with the majority of the words not in English but some cryptic satanic spell. They tried to promote more of this crazy communist ideas that men and woman and black and whites are equals even though every one knows god mad Adam (a white man) first. I even saw the demonic act of two homosexual girls kissing (an act that is meant for a man and a woman) at the show.


    Bands like The Flying Rats need to be stopped. As hard as it was I sat through their entire shows so that I could report back to you good Christian folk the dangers these demons are spreading. If you are a parent please don’t be ignorant like I have and wait for your child to grow out of this type of thing. After some consideration me and my wife have decided to move back to America where our daughter will be away from this kind of evil. Uprooting out lives again may be costly and hard but it is nothing compared to the cost of our daughters soul.

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