• Food: Pathway to the Soul?

    February 27, 2012 3:06 pm 35 comments
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  • They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I myself have never been one to repeat such a statement as i know this phrase to be anotomically incorrect. The heart is in no way directly connected to the stomach. I felt it a useful starting point though for a topic i fear affects us all, dear reader.

    Now, while the way to a man’s heart may not be through his stomach, i can assure you the way to a man’s soul is. Like most living things on this wonderful planet,  you consume food on a daily basis. This food, at some point in it’s life, was part of the world the Lord has created. By consuming this nourishment God has provided, we are also taking in a little of him, as with every creation you can find a little of the creator within.

    This, dear reader, is also the problem and the Dark Lord, Satan himself, knows it. He knows it well and has capitalized on the premise that we, like most living creatures, require some form sustinance to survive. He has taken the wholesome nutrients that God has provided and turned them to a thing most evil. His moves have been swift and well organised. He has rolled out his 666 year plan to devastating effect with the inception of ‘Fast Food’.

    But, as always, we have the means to counteract his terrible scheme. Our first and main weapon in this fight for our living souls is FAITH. Not many people know, but faith has been a substantial food source for generations. I personally survive on Faith and water. Water is the essence of life, therefore can never be tainted by the Dark Lord (no matter how hard he may try).

    Food on the otherhand is in a constant state of unrest. Every day the Dark Lord seeks to change it, to mould it, to make it do his bidding. Ask yourself, how many McDonalds can you think of in your local area? I can count at least 37 in my area alone. That, coupled with the KFC’s, Red Rooster’s and Burger King’s of the world is enough to make my soul feel sick and bloated with despair. Fortunetly for me my body is my temple, so i have never yielded to such blasphemous ways and although you may be reading this now, feeling like your holy soul of souls has been violated with these items of Satan, it is never too late to reverse Satan’s work. As always, we must be vigilant in our continued effort to eradicate the Devil and all his evil doings from our once magnificant planet. Together, we can remould this world into one of peace with a healthy side of god fearing.

    Start with your diet. The less food you eat, the better you will feel spiritually. Eventually you shall become like me and never eat food again. Once you discover the miracle of eating the lord’s prayer with some tasty, dessert hymns, you too shall become a true believer.

    God Bless. Pastor River

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