• Gary Cass outs Gay Strongmen, Wants Voters To Know Romney Sacrifices Illegal Mexicans to Mammon

    February 23, 2012 3:31 am 6 comments
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  • In his sermon last Sunday, housefather Gary Cass made sure to condemn the very faces your daughters are forced to wear on their underwear, under pressure from liberal public schooling. He says:

    “Contrary to what many people may think, the homosexual movement is not filled with some harmless little group of wispy effeminate gays sipping lattes who just want to be left alone. Rather, the leaders of the homosexual movement are in fact some of the most powerful, aggressive and influential individuals in America. They have taken seriously what the homosexual philosopher Frank Miller, Obama’s inspiration, espoused, that ‘the will to power’ is what really makes a man great.

    Within their ranks they have Batman, Superman, Magneto, and even Professor Xavier. Jury is still out on Spiderman, and Robin is at camp to degay with the help of God. But these are upstanding all-American comic book heroes I hear people say. Churchgoing people, who are blinded! By spandex! What kind of all-American hero would live in a cave, like Al Qaeda? What kind of all-American hero would go through whore after whore and only settle for boys on the very cusp of puberty?

    “Catholics!” you say. “Surely it’s Catholics, just picking up the surplus of lost boys Mormons kick out!” you say. Not so. All evidence points to Jason Todd having been a good Evangelical Christian until his alliance with the spelunking emosexual anti-hero accumulated into him taking his own live when puberty set in and Batman’s eyes started roving.

    Superman cannot look a woman straight into the eyes, he needs his hipster glasses first. What kind of example is that? His uniform, in the colors of our stars and stripes, is wrapped tightly around his package and bum. I ask again, what kind of example for our boys us that? “


    Christian housefather Gary Cass

    Indeed! Just this week it was revealed that presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, whose entire family enthusiastically worships Mammon, has recruited a gay Sheriff (codename Baboo, as gays are fond of bears) who picks up underage illegal Mexicans to sacrifice during orgiastic and violent gay blood orgies the likes we haven’t seen since the Mayans ruled the American continent. Romney, who recruited his strong-boy breeder wife from among Satan-worshipping Atheists, now faces two opponents who are staunch opponents of the stuff he pulls on Mexicans.

    The Moneys  

    Scoffing at their strong Anti-Abortion message, Free Mason Robot “Mormon, it rhymes with Mammon” Mitt, is facing family man Rick Santorum and multiple family man Newt Gingrich. Both Catholics, Gary Cass and I agree that they would have a thing or two to say on the subject of Mitt sacrificing equally Catholic mexicans on the altar of mergers. However, don’t let their luke-warm stance about what should be done with illegal immigrants fool you!

    Sure, raising money through Mexican human sacrifice may not be a nice thing to do, but Santorum and Gingrich come with their own unsurmountable problems: as Catholics, they are members of the Vatican, the largest Mafia family in the world (they own 20% of all Italian soil and properties), and also the most powerful pedofile ring. 

    We are left then with Ron Paul, abortionist doctor and supporter of Communist Ayn Rand, and collaborator with Sasha Baron Cohen on his movies against God & the American Way of Life. We are, in essence, left with no one at all who could oust the illegal immigrant occupying the white house.  

    Our only hope now is getting Herman Cain and Sarah Palin back into the race. They are true Christians, Amen. 


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