• Gay Cruise: A Festival of Disease and Sin

    February 4, 2012 3:45 pm 28 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)—More than 200 passengers on two cruise ships headed to south Florida have been stricken with a gastrointestinal illness.

    Officials with Princess Cruise Lines say two of its ships were struck with a norovirus that can cause vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.

    The Crown Princess returned from a seven-day cruise Saturday and was docked at Port Everglades. A total of 140 passengers and 18 crew members were affected by the illness.

    The Ruby Princess is scheduled to dock Sunday morning. Cruise officials say another 81 passengers and nine crew members were affected on that ship.

    Passengers set to embark this weekend have been notified that their departure will be delayed a few hours at least as the ships undergo further disinfection in Port Everglades.


    In other news….


    Russia and China Hate America: Refuse to Help End Persecution and Suffering out of Spite

    As international anger grows over reports of mass carnage at the hands of the Syrian regime, a U.N. Security Council draft resolution condemning Syria failed to be adopted Saturday after veto-wielding members Russia and China voted against it.

    Ambassadors from the other permanent members of the council — the United States, France, and the United Kingdom — said they were furious at Russia and China for failing to halt the worsening, bloody violence that has consumed the Middle Eastern nation.

    Thirteen Security Council members voted in favor of the resolution.

    Some Syrians have cried out for international action to stop attacks on civilians, more so after opposition groups said at least 321 civilians were killed and hundreds wounded after in the city of Homs in the past two days.

    The opposition Syrian National Council blamed government forces for the attack in Homs, calling it one of the most “horrific massacres” since the start of the Syrian uprising. It said residential buildings and homes were “randomly and heavily bombed,” the group said.

    The Local Coordination Committees, a Syrian opposition group, said 90 people had been killed in Syria on Saturday, including 61 in Homs, 10 in Idlib, and 19 in a Damascus suburb.

    Some Syrian residents accused the international community of sitting idle as bodies mount in the streets.





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