• Gay Marriage Nearly Legal in Maryland, Governor O’Malley Must Prevent God’s Wrath

    February 25, 2012 10:02 am 48 comments
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  • The gay army has flanked the backside of America’s legislation again, this time sneaking the rite of homosexual marriage into Maryland’s law.  In the wee twilight hour of the night, Maryland’s gay supporting democrats held a secret meeting and underhandedly voted to make gay marriage legal in the state.

    Now, all that is needed is the signature of Maryland’s Governor O’Malley.

    Before O’Malley makes his decision today, let us remind him that yesterday God sent a tornado warning.  You can see in the dead of winter, it is no problem for God to create a giant tornado to wipe out all your cities, O’Malley.

    If you sign that bill in to law today, O’Malley, God is going to send more than a warning.  It will be great calimity!  Tornadoes will be the least of your worries, when the sky rains down meteorites, great plague befalls the city and the moon turns to blood!  Don’t make this fate befall humanity and your state, O’Malley.  Let’s keep sodomy out of marriage and veto that legislation.  Don’t forget, your duty before all is to God and country.

    And this nation is One Nation UNDER God.

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