• Grammy Awards 2012 – Black Rapper Kanye West Wins Rap Album of the Year, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

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  • Grammy Awards 2012 – Kanye WestMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy wins Rap Album of the Year

    Someone said the Grammy Awards are for real music, so why on Earth are their blacked rappers there?  Like it takes actually talent to rap! If stuttering over a rhyme with cuss words and then inviting big blackbottomed women to wobble all over the place in your videos is Grammy Awards music, then let’s all feed pies to big diabetic womens and when they start to shake, just babble on and record it on film!

    Congratulations, you are a Kanye West talented musician!

    This Kanya West is some no name who did just that and made a Satanic song called “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”  Let us take a look at the words.

    (1st verse) I Fantasized about this back in Chicago mercy mercy me that mercy yalago thats me the first year that i blow how you say broke in Spanish? me no hablo me drown sorrow in that diablo me found bravery in my bravado Dj needs to listen to the models you aint got no f*cking Yeezy in your serados?! (you ain’t got no Yeezy nigga?) stupid, But what the fuck do i know? i’m just a Chi-town nigga with a Nas flow and my b*tch and that new bebe follow so much head i woke up in sleepy hollow

    Can we get much higher

    In this stanza, Kanye West is revealing his Faustian deal with Satan.  He’s saying “My soul is black like me” when he calls himself Valago.  Valago is Spanish for “Gay Rhymer of Satan who likes Oral Twiddles”.    This is further proven when he gives credit to ‘El Diablo’, who we call Satan in American.

    You can also see he says “nigga” i n his song, which is racist.  If I were to call him ‘nigga’ he would get all racist and call Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to come show me hate in my yard.  So why is it okay for him to say it?    He also disrespects women by calling them the b word.
    (2nd verse) Look like a fat booty Celine Dion  sex is on fire im the king of fire im the king of Leona Louis vion the truest hey teacher teacher tell me how do you respond to students and refresh the page, and restart the memory, respark the soul, and rebuild the energy we stop the ignorance, we kill the enemies, sorry for the nights de-mons still visit me the plan was to drink it till the pain over but whats worse, the pain or the hangover? fresh air rolling down a window Too many Urkel’s on your team thats why you’re Winslow Don’t make me pull the toys out huh? don’t make me pull the toys.. and fire up the engines and then they make noise

    can we get much higher

    Celine Dion is French but at least she is Christian.  Celine Dion is also a happily married women, but we see Kanye is making plans to make her backside pregnant with Satanic marinations.   What’s even worse we see he says ‘let us kill white people’.  This is almost worse than when he tried to claim George Bush hates black people.

    Why are we letting him celebrate this horrible song?


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