• Happy March Zero America! Black History Month is Officially Over!

    February 29, 2012 3:35 am 229 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)—As we were all taught as children, February has 28 days. Then came Black History Month which we successfully stuck in the darkest, dreariest, and shortest of months. Life was good. After 28 days of blackness… spring would come, the Sun would shine again. But then a Kenyan descended on America, carrying a fake birth certificate in one hand, the Koran in the other, and the false promise of change in his back pocket.

    Now that Kenyan has made February 29 days long in a subtle attempt to extend black history month to 29 days. 29 days…. 29 days is an extra 3 percent of black history. And do blacks need more history? Blacks have an awful and embarrassing history of crime, bad credit, unruly crack babies, deadbeat fathers, and putting $3000 stereos in $2000 cars. It’s time for blacks to not look at their history, but look forward to a new life, one that fits into moral American values.

    So we will not fall for Obamas trickery, instead we declare today March Zero. The beginning of a new time for all. A time where we can all come together under one savior and recognize the importance of conformity, capitalism, the rule of law, and paying your bills. March Zero, a day where we can be free of liberal ideas like obamacare, eviloution, the ACLU, and menthol cigarettes.

    If we recognize February 29th… Evil wins. What happens next year, a February 30th? Think of your children, will they be celebrating a 60 day February? We need to put a stop to this now. College age people, imagine no spring break because March never comes. No Lake Havasu, No South Padre, no Panama City FL….. These are rites of passage for Caucasian Americans everywhere. A time to let loose, a time to have fun, a time to experience the values America was founded on… Obama wants to take your spring break away. He wants to socialize your life. Feminists want those tank tops and t-shirts to stay on and dry. Does America want that??? I think not.

    So enjoy March Zero. Spread the word. Have fun. Think Spring. Do as Morgan Freeman would.

    Morgan freeman:
    “ I do not want a Black History Month”

    Enjoy your spring America! And remember… Buy American, because it’s us or them.


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