• Hidden Behind the Cross – Walmart Satan’s Outpost of Hell on Earth… EXPOSED!

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    Would Jesus shop at Walmart

    By Brother Johnathan Bane

    BJ Ministries

    Augora Hills, California

    “If people are forced to work in factories for little to no pay, people can get bad products at a cheaper price.”

    Upton Sinclair, 1906 (Commenting on his business model)

    Walmart was once known as a family-friendly neighborhood retail outlet that was founded on the Christian principals of respect, service and sacrifice. Founder Sam Walton’s pious autobiography states he taught Sunday school, prayed with his children and fulfilled his Christian calling by improving the living standards of untold millions by offering the public lower prices in his stores.

    No one knows for certain when Sam Walton sold his soul to Satan, but his addiction to U.S. Currency had spun out of control. By 1962 when Sam opened his first discount store under the Walmart name in Rogers, Arkansas it’s clear he was a servant of Satan. Today the retail magnet’s soul burns in hell’s fire, where he will one day be reunited with his soulless family who still controls the mega-global corporation while they live in sin, decadence and shame.

    The Sinclair Business Model

    Upton Sinclair (September 20, 1878 – November 25, 1968) the well-known American-atheist, novelist, writer, journalist, political activist, and exposed homosexual (in spite of the fact that he had three wives under “arraigned conditions”) during his life, twice ran for Congress on the Socialist ticket; in 1920 for the House of Representatives, and in 1922 for the Senate. During the Great Depression in 1934 Sinclair ran for governor of California on the democratic ticket gaining 879,000 votes. He was soundly defeated by Frank F. Merriam; none the less it was the best run of his failed political career.

    Sinclair’s Godless platform called, End Poverty In California (E.P.I.C.) may’ve got Sinclair the nomination of the Democratic party but as farming on the Great Plains failed during the Dust Bowl era more and more migrants poured into California looking for work, and E.P.I.C. quickly separated the Democratic Party. Conservatives condemned E.P.I.C. as an attempted communist takeover of the state which resulted in an investigation where Sinclair’s ties to the communist party exposed him as the staunch communist he was.

    Upton Sinclair

    Upton Sinclair dressed in the white suit with black arm band seen protesting in New York

    Sinclair’s disgraceful outing as a commie and his defeat in California’s gubernatorial race left him with no supporters after both the American and Soviet Communists Parties quickly moved to disassociate themselves from him… for being a capitalist! With ample arrogance in 1951 Sinclair commented on his gubernatorial bid… ¹“The American people will take Socialism, but they won’t take the label. I certainly proved it in the case of EPIC. Running on the Socialist ticket I got 60,000 votes, and running on the slogan to ‘End Poverty in California’ I got 879,000.”

    Sinclair wasn’t a businessman; his success was as an author having written over 100 books during his lifetime including his best seller, The Jungle published in 1906. Being a Godless man Sinclair became immersed in witchcraft, psychic phenomena and mental telepathy. His book, Mental Radio published in 1930 provides various accounts of his adventures into the occult.  

    Ten years after Sinclair’s occult book was published, in 1940 Sam Walton graduated from the University of Missouri with an economics degree. During his college years Sam’s fraternity brothers gave him the nick-name “Hustler,” which stuck. In 1945 Walton purchased a Ben Franklin variety store in Newport, Arkansas. By 1962 Walton owned 16 Ben Franklin stores in Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas.

    In 1962 Walton opened his first discount store under the Walmart name. We know by this time that Walton had adopted the Sinclair business model for his new chain stores. But Walton would take Sinclair’s business model to new lows by adopting two tactics of his own.

    First, Sam vowed to pay his employees less; he viciously fought against unionization, and kept all his employees below 28 hours per week to prevent them from qualifying for employee benefits. The few full-time (34 hours/week) Walmart employees received wage and benefits packages that were ²12-30% below those paid employees in similar positions at unionized companies. It’s no wonder that during Sam’s reign over Walmart before his death in 1992, Walmart consistently maintained a staggering turn over rate between 35-45%.

    The Beasts of Bentonville

    The Walton Family

    The Godless Walton Family

    In 1962 the Walton brood settled in Bentonville, Arkansas at that time a rural city of less than 10,000, which like Benton County was known for their apple production. No one in Bentonville could’ve known then that the Devil was now living among them or that their humble community with its small town atmosphere would be destroyed by the Beasts of Bentonville, namely by the black sheep of the Walton family, party-girl Alice Walton. Thanks to her today Bentonville is listed as one of the ³ “hottest travel destinations of 2012 – 2013” More on her later.

    Walton depended heavily on his Christian upbringing and education to sell the concept that Walmart is a warm family-friendly neighborhood retail outlet founded on solid Christian principals. It was the beginning of the creation of what’s called today… the “Walmart Myth” story. With Walton waving the holy cross high and claiming to be God’s servant only doing God’s will Walmart experienced phenomenal growth.

    Child labor

    Child laborers overseas far from American eyes is part of Walmart’s business model

    which without they could’ve never become the World’s largest retail outlet.

    The high cost for low prices resulted in the loss of  41-1.5 million manufacturing production jobs here in the U.S. that were outsourced to dirty foreign sweatshops known to use slave or child-laborers who were paid little if anything. The U.S. and local communities suffered the loss of tax revenues these workers and manufacturing plants would have paid. Here at home Sam frequently hired undocumented workers from Mexico and used under-aged children to clean and stock his stores, though they worked in the back beyond the sight of customers.    

    During the 60s and 70s Sam “Hustler” Walton was busy building his global empire by selling cheap foreign goods made for far less then minimum wage in order to undercut his competitor’s prices. Rumors began to surface about the working conditions in these foreign sweatshops employed by Walmart. The latest scandal Walmart executives are trying to bury as of 2012 is the Classic Factory case involving young women between 18 and 25 years who are called “foreign guest workers.”

    Classic Apparel in Jordan

    One of five Classic factories in Jordan where

    foreign guests workers are routinely raped, tortured

    and beaten. In 2010 Walmart spent $120 million

    for cheap garments to stock their stores

    Most of these young girls are shipped into the five Classic Factories in Jordan which creates cheap clothing under the Walmart label, Danskin Now. They come from Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, Bangladeshi and Nepal. For years the Jordan government has looked the other way while these girls are beaten, tortured and raped by Classic managers. If they complain they are fired and deported. See more on this here:    http://www.globallabourrights.org/admin/reports/files/Content-Classic-0607-final.pdf

    Child Labor used by Wal-Mart

    The High Cost of Low Prices

    During this same period more rumors surfaced concerning Walton’s “kinky” sexual appetite involving his undocumented workers. Complaints from both male and female illegal workers claim they were expected to perform “sexual favors” for a raise or promotion within the Walmart chain. One report cites… “He [Sam Walton] also had sexual favors from the undocumented workers and their family members he helped smuggle into the USA.” Walton somehow managed to keep much of these complaints out of the American media’s view. Bribes, pay-offs and deportation helped Walton greatly in covering up the sleaze about him and his greed motivated company.

    By 1989 Walmart was now located in 26 states and the company was making billions in profit. People quickly became obsessed with Walmart’s “Rollback” prices and couldn’t get enough. Then on December 22, 1992 NBC aired footage of children as young a nine working in factories in Saraka, Bangladesh making Walmart private-label shirts.

    Walmart went into “damage control” mode after being embarrassed by NBC’s footage which they played off as an isolated incident. Then in February 2004 the National Labor Committee (NLC) reported workers making plastic toys for Walmart in Chang Ping township in Guangdong province, China were being paid less then China’s minimum wage. They found workers on the job up to 20 hours per day, sometimes 7 days a week who were paid an average of 16.5 cents per hour. China’s minimum wage at that time was set at 31 cents per hour.

    Again playing off the report as yet another isolated incident which the corporation was unaware of Walmart executives publicly announced that they do not tolerate child labor or forced or prison labor. But when independent inspectors approached the company to obtain a list of their overseas contractors the company refused to provide the information.

    In the U.S. Walmart hardly treats its own employees any better. According to USA Today Walmart was sued 4,851 times in 2000 averaging about [1]“one suit being filed every two hours, everyday of the year.” At that time Walmart’s lawyers confirmed there were about 9,400 open cases pending against the corporation in the U.S.         

    In 2005 the corporation agreed to pay a trivial $135,540 fine to settle federal charges that the company had violated child-labor laws in Connecticut, Arkansas and New Hampshire. Today Walmart runs its business by forcing their factories to compete with each other for the companies business. The result is that these foreign factories are forced to cut back and to hire the cheapest laborers they can find, often children.

    The real Walmart has been hiding its vile anti-Christian filth behind the Christian cross far to long. The global corporation today continues to willfully violate labor laws, morality and basic human rights in order to pursue obscene profits at the expense of poverty stricken people who work in their factories in 46 countries worldwide.

    What’s at stake for these foreign factories? Big money! The five Classic Group of factories in Jordan saw an increase in its sales of 6000% from $2 million dollars in 2003 to $120 million dollars by the end of 2010. There were no pay raises for employees. This amounts to an average of an 857% sales increase every year.

    Addicted to Walmart

    American consumers addicted to Walmart’s “Rollback” prices continue shopping at these Satanic retail outlets

    most unaware of the human slavery that supports this global behemoth of evil.

    Photo of: Walmart during Black Friday 2011

    Still think Walmart is that family friendly neighborhood store? Ask yourself Christian does the money you spend in Walmart stores honor God?

    Look for my next article in this series on Walmart as we peak into the demonic world of the Walton family.


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