• How Does the Homosexual Find a Mate?

    February 29, 2012 10:58 pm 463 comments
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  • With the passage of sodomy-based marriage laws in states like Maryland and Washington, the gay lifestyle is once again front-page news. Often the liberal media promotes this tiny percentage of the population with inspirational personal stories and photos of smiling, well-dressed couples. We are told that these activists are compassionate and moral, decent and maybe even a little bit traditional. Yet are we really seeing the full picture here?

    Much of the homosexual’s dark, cruel world remains obscure. Some of it is so reprehensible that no reputable news organization would dare openly discuss it. Indeed, journalists, scientists and religious leaders who study deviancy know that there is far more to this story. In extended interviews, they describe a harsh and absurd subculture where abnormality is prized and monogamy is rare. It is a disturbing place of highway rest stop “hookups,” inner city disco “cruising,” and deluxe resorts where millionaires pay scruffy bodybuilders to gyrate their damp thongs as boozy transvestites cheer them on. There are Asians with whips, blacks with chains and white men weeping in pools of their own steaming urine. It is not a place for the faint of heart, nor is the description that follows.

    hardcore homosexualityWhile there is no scientific consensus on the root cause of homosexuality, many of its contributing factors are known. As noted in the chart at left, it often happens early on in a young man’s development and reaches its most heightened state from the ages of 21 to 30. At that point, independence from the family and rebellion against society’s norms are channeled through a 20-somethings unrequited biological desires which are themselves often bitterly confused by alcohol. The sad result is a boy desperate for a gay sex “hookup” no matter how or why. He will go to incredible lengths to engage in excruciating acts of sodomy, exhibiting his glutinous maximums with tight jeans and pursuing certain ethnic minorities who are known to be the aggressors, or “tops,” in barbaric acts of anonymous urban intercourse.

    Some gay men fetishize the consumption of male spermatozoa, a symbolic rejection of the Holy Sacrament and popular among former Roman Catholics who grew up taking the Eucharist at service. As most Roman Catholics are Italian, Spanish or Irish, irrational outbursts of emotion are common amongst this group as are fistfights and alcoholism. One curious side-effect of these habits is that Asians who date former Roman Catholics also show a great propensity for swallowing ejaculate, and have even developed extensive slang to describe the fact (“rice dairy queen,” “cum dumpster,” “milk monkey,” “jonesing for jizz,” “coat my throat,” “me love you milky time”). The hardcore homosexual addicted to the salty, creamy taste of male seed will go to great lengths to secure a hot mouthful each night, taking risks that an outside observer would classify as irrational and unnecessarily time-consuming.

    hardcore homosexualityWhere does the homosexual find men willing to sodomize and ejaculate? The question is an important one for scholars because it reveals just how far these people have traveled from America’s Judeo-Christian foundations. It shows that the gay man understands that he is rejecting the wisdom of our forefathers to pursue what is ultimately an inane and very brief experience.

    What is homosexuality, after all, but a purging sensation along one’s urinary tract. Any scientist will tell you that same-sex proclivities involve little more than this. Why the radical homosexual needs to celebrate an unpleasantly tingly shaft eruption and claim it is a full-fledged lifestyle boggles the mind. Why they take it one step further and garnish it with gaudy cultural gewgaws such as television programs about show choir, brazen velour costumes and some of the most atrocious interior decorating ever known to humanity is beyond comprehension. Does the same-sex proponent know the answer himself? Most likely not, as he is too busy cruising the nefarious places below for his next excuse to spray his innermost fluids far and wide, indifferent to the horrific stains he leaves behind on our national fabric of faith and patriotism.

    hardcore homosexuality


    The Internet: Most homosexuals have computers and use them heavily throughout the night. They gain membership to secretive websites where they proudly proclaim their addiction to “deep pounding” intercourse in the anus. These web pages are veritable supermarkets of lust, with row after row of male meats on display, purple-veiny, pungent and “ripe for the picking.” The visitor simply clicks on an image and somewhere across town a homosexual puts on a jockstrap and arrives at your doorstep a half an hour later, willing to submit to whatever form of humiliation you can muster in your leather Nazi regalia as overfed tabbys seize upon the opportunity to urinate furiously behind mid-century modern credenzas…

    hardcore homosexualityPublic Parks: Homosexuals claim to love the outdoors, but they do most of that loving late at night in the heavily wooded sections of our local green spaces. Here the darkness gives cover for beer bellies and body odors as they pose against trees, hypnotically waving their semi-erect phalluses to the rhythm of some 70s disco hit that plays on endless loops in their demented imaginations.

    The Gym: Cocky jocks in tank tops are just too much temptation for the insatiable homosexual. He will prance and pout about the locker room until a long-lashed Arab catches his eye. Together, they will hold a secret meeting in the steam room and beneath those boiling clouds of perspiration and those shocking explosions of creamy delight, our American identity is bartered away, inch by inch, to the swarthy invaders who hate us for our freedoms.

    Gay Bars & Discos: Much like the Second Circle of Hell, the degree of perversion on display here is unimaginable. Simply put, no hole goes unviolated in the gay bar. Men of all races and creeds bond over their addiction to sodomy and grating techno music. They fuel themselves with fruity cocktails and preposterous gossip. Rough trade in “assless chaps” parade about as the crowd reaches a tizzy of screeching histrionics. Drag queens unfurl the bulging speedos of drunken Puerto Ricans, Filipinos leap into the laps of hairy-chested construction workers and a millionaire slides a “Cosmopolitan” across the bartop to a young twink boy sucking on a lollipop as he fondles the empty wallet in his back pocket.

    hardcore homosexualityHighway Rest Stop Toilets: Bearded men in overalls line up in front of grimy urinals, titillating their members with all the hopefulness of an awkward teen at the prom. They want nothing more than to be chosen to dance that wretched sadomasochistic dance of the locked bathroom stall, where tighty whiteys are twirled overhead and curious married men drop to their knees, engorging themselves on trucker meats and barrio buttocks… An impatient wife forlornly beeps the horn of a Corolla from the parking lot and the bearded man tears up, imagining he is hearing his high school band strike up a woeful rendition of Forever Young.

    hardcore homosexualityUniversity Libraries: Within those useless stacks of fussy academic prose, there is one place that students know they can go to learn human biology firsthand. Too bad today’s class is on homoerotic perversion. Yes, that all-American kid, that kid mothers put so much faith in, does not have his nose deep in the books. No, his nose is deep into something else… Maybe it’s the furry crotch of the captain of the lacrosse team or the even furrier regions of Pablo the janitor. He will squeal like a mouse and somewhere out there a gray-haired library matron will take to her feet, anxious to hush the curious squeaks. But she will have no luck locating the noise as the boy’s face is pressed against a wall, silencing his throaty moans, as Captain Bobby McGee proves once again that no amount of clamping will keep him out of the “restraining box.”

    Resorts: Unseen by the heterosexual public, the gay resort is a surreal place of nonstop fornication and ill-advised fashion choices. Accommodations are incredibly rustic and include little more than a hut with a toilet. By day, the gay man will drink and tan himself beneath the sun, until his body browns and swells like an Entenmann’s cinnamon bun. Once the sun sets, he will stumble up drunkenly from his beach chair and grope his way into the nearby bushes. There, he will float in and out of consciousness until some other body rubs against him long enough for a frothy release to be achieved. Most outrageous of all, our tawdry tourist will pay shockingly inflated prices for the whole forgettable experience and then brag to the girls at the office that his vacation of ejaculation was, “fabulously sublime.”

    This is part 1 in a four-part series examining mating rituals in the homosexual lifestyle. Stay tuned for: “How Does the Homosexual Exhibit Himself For Mating?” “What Happens During Homosexual Sex?” and “What Does a Long Term Homosexual Relationship Look Like?”


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