• I Know How That Woman Three Cubicles Over Got Her “Promotion”

    February 20, 2012 1:06 am 22 comments
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  • Hello, good friends. Joe P. Reagan here and there is one question on my mind today: do you know how that new woman three cubicles down from you already got her promotion?

    It’s a story that’s becoming all too common in this modern era: the tale of quick female promotion. There was once a point in time where men were dominant in society and the workplace. A female would consider herself lucky to land a new secretarial role and understood her male boss may need a little convincing that she was subservient to his will.

    While many dishevelled  females will cluck and be flustered about this truth, ask yourself this simple question. Is America in a better place morally, financially…spiritually, than it was in the 1950s. If you are an honest and realistic person, you know the answer is “No.”

    America is a land where females are far out-of-place. The problem in this country is that women are dominating the work place and college, and they are not getting promoted due to skill or even biased liberal laws anymore. Women are simply using their sex appeal to gain management positions, then sleeping their way to the top of the food pyramid of far too many corporations and smaller ventures.

    There is a societal stigma for calling women out on such things by victimized men in the workplace, overlooked for promotion because they cannot wield low cut blouses before their managers or entice their bosses with the promises of affairs during ‘overtime’ hours.

     My thoughts on all this today followed a conversation with my youngest brother.  He put in for his first middle management position and has been with his respective company now for four years.  He’s college-educated and plans to fund his masters via the company’s education benefit. 

    In the running against him was one young woman from his office, fresh out of college a year ago.  She’s widely regarded as slow, annoying and chatty by the office staff.  But she does have one common qualification.  She’s ‘perky, blonde and giggly.  She also is touchy with our manager,” my brother Lucas reported.  Beyond any surprise, the ‘perky blonde’ got the job.

    I’m not saying all women are dim-witted harlots, but when you consider the alarming statistic that over 60% of colleges are infested by hormonal women, while a dwindling 40% are male you can see that there is a sudden shift in the proper norm for society.  Men surely are not becoming any less able to be the doctors, lawyers and laymen that support this country, so what is the shift.  What is happening?

    The answer to this question is rather simple.  Feminism is being exploited by females.  Men are in the backseat, letting women have their way and steer America into a chaotic future of workplace adultery, gay marriage legislation and weak foreign policy.  And like always, when women are steering and leading the way, you’ll get out of place and lost.   You’ll get so lost that you have a country full of fat, overweight children who wear black clothing, cut their wrists and are being academically outperformed by 20 foreign countries.

    You will end up in a country where marriage is so weak and insignificant, judges will rule gays can partake in it and no more than ‘3 pokes’ from your wife’s ex-boyfriend on Facebook will be enough to lead her to an affair.   Over 50% of marriages end in divorce and of that number, over 20% of them are to blame on Facebook.

    The state of our banks and businesses are bust.  Homes are broken and foreclosed because the once proud men of the 1950s are the homeless waifs on welfare today.  The male ego and pride in this country has been yoked, straddled by females who cry ‘Equality!’ with one breath and ‘Do me!’ with the other.  Females are using their clampy lure to subdue men into silence, afraid the whispers of affair or ‘sexual harassment’ will haunt them.  And these catty females are clawing their way up the management ladder, streaking every company with red lines as a mark of their incompetence, ineptitude and hormanal imbalances.

    America, if we want to steer to a brighter future women need to become family-oriented again.  We cannot let women use their sexuality to cause confusion to the workplace.  If it’s sexual harassment for a man to be fired for looking at a woman’s bared cleavage because she decided to wear a loose fitting blouse, then it is sexual harassment for her to wear the blouse in the first place.

    Let us hope and pray the common sense becomes common again.  Until men become dominant in the workplace again, the quick slap of a bosses firm hand across the secretary’s backside being the model of jokes and release of workplace tension, schools the place where men are dominant and sorority homes are breeding grounds for the future housewives of America, we will continue to see a weak America that’s more inline with the social states of Europeans, where even the monarchy is ruled by a naggy, death-defying Queen.

    Let’s restore America to the nation it was built to be:  a nation where all men are created equal, and rule equal.  Be blessed my friends, until next time.

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