• Iran Cuts Off Oil to UK and France, Threatens World With Female Terror Ninjas (Photos)

    February 19, 2012 6:10 pm 52 comments
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  • Women ninjas in Karaj, northwest of Tehran

    In a bold move of defiance and war, Iran has cut off The United Kingdom and France from its crucial oil supply.  France and the UK backed America’s plan to obliterate Iran with nuclear arms.  In addition to stopping its oil supply, Iran today unveiled its latest terror to the world:  trained female ninjas who can ‘infiltrate the suburbs of any city in any country’.

    Iran’s defiance to America’s sovereign global authority reached a crisis point today.  Undeterred by the weak and too patient policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Iranian Warlord Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that the Middle East would cut all oil supplies to France and the United Kingdom completely off.

    This move by Iran comes at the heels of crucial pressure exerted on the world to take action against Iran, after Iran announced it would wipe the Holy Land off the map if it acquired nuclear arms.  America has long demanded Iran take no such actions.  Due to a weak president, however, America has not made it clear if Iran would suffer a nuclear destruction if it continued its insolence before the United States policy of keeping Israel safe.  Great Britain and France have encouraged the US to use its great power to wipe Iran out and for that, they have paid the price.  No more oil from the Mideast.

    To add terror to injury, Iran today announced a new breed of spy and assassin. The “Sisterhood of Veiled Pregnancy” is a new terror arm of Iran, more deadly than the notorious “Black Hand” assassin squad that is responsible for starting World War I.  Analysts believe these female marriage assassins are Iran’s hope to start World War III.

    iran female ninjas: Gravity's for wimps.

    Unconcerned with God’s gravitational forces, an Iranian woman uses geni-like abilities to defiantly run up a wall in a Chinese sponsored dojo in Karja.  The writings on the wall state “Bujinkan Honbu Dojo Ninja”, which roughly translates to the ‘Female Ninja House of Veiled Terror to Bring Death to Weak America”.  China has allegedly sponsored over 50 Japanese-themed dojos across Iran and reports that Imams are consorting with Hindu mystic secrets and Satanic black magic to enhance these trained assassins are prevalent.

    To make this situation even worse, the Al-Jazeerha news is boasting that Iran moved all its warships to the Suez canal and past the Syrian port.  This move is to ‘send a message’ to the United States that Iran owns the world’s oil supply and cannot be defeated.  It is Iran’s way of saying that Arabs are superior to all Western nations and we must bow down before them, or get no more oil. 

    Iran is trying to make it seem like the US has no right to destroy Iran and Syria, and no right to save Israel from the hands of psychotic dictators.  Just listen to the tone of these monstrous people as they plot to starve America from its lifeblood.

    iran female ninjas: Don't try this at home…

    Iranian ninja women are known to use all sorts of perverted sexual techniques to trap unknowing politicians and business men into precarious situations.  Here we see three ninjas practicing the “Flying Eagle of Arabi” technique, one where they are rumored to strip out of their terror ninja outfits and entice men for nuclear secrets or exact deadly moves that force American men to give up their patriotic sauce of life.

    Who is in danger?

    Any American man (or allied) with sperm is going to be a target of the Iranian female terror ninjas.

    Unlike traditional spies who notoriously trapped men to kill or torture them to give up nuclear secrets, these female ninjas use their abilities to wrestle men to the ground, furiously disrobe or reveal enough of their tight, toned bronzed bodies to force a man to release his seed into their wombs.

    With Iran clearly beating the drums of war, civilians in America and our allied nations must remember that Iranians see no difference between military and civilian targets. In their hateful eyes, college children and the elderly are all fair game. These predators love to prey on the innocent: just look what they and their brothers did to us on 9/11.

    So who is at risk? If you can read this and are male, they can be targetting you. These women seek to bring their harems of horror to the heartland of America.

    These female ninjas may pin down the unknowing fraternity man staggering home from a wild party, pinning him in the courtyard of his campus and thrusting their wild Arabic passions upon him until he explodes in a satisfying thrust of shame and confusion.  They may abduct a father on his way to work, dragging him into a dark alley as his struggles and kicks for freedom soon turn to moans of shame and grunts of frustration.

    new iraq New Iraq:  Has American Liberalism Ruined Islamic Masculinity in the Middle East

    Dominated:  In this recently released beach sin, missing Malibu local and Pepperdine student Dale Cusart was last seen being lead away by a female terror assassin.   Officials believe Cusart is likely being tied down in some Malibu mansion, where sex-crazed harems of Arabic women will likely sexually torture him with endless sex and procreation until he passes out from exhaustion.  This fate awaits many more young men in America if Iran is not nuked and an executive order to profile any suspicious looking Arab is not passed.

    Terror babies are a very real threat. Iranian female ninjas are being trained to use martial arts to subdue American men and then force them to give up their life sauce in acts of illegal pregnancy creation. The Iranian female ninjas goal are to rape enough American men by force and create a 'sleeper cell' of terror babies who have duel citizenship and can carry act acts of mass homegrown terror 20 years in the future.

    Liberals will say that scenario is far-fetched, but then again they are the ones covering up details about how the Iranians are creating terror babies.  For every woman the Iranians can sneak into the United States, the better the chance they have of creating future US citizens with dangerous Islamic loyalty.

    Terror babies can be the downfall of America.  As prophesied by Abraham Lincoln:  “America can never be destroyed from without, but only from within.”  Iran knows this fact is true.

    Iran’s goal is to stall the US while its pert and admittedly attractive female assassins sneak into the country and force American men to knock them up.  American men will either feel to ashamed to tell their wives what happened, and secretly support the illegal Iranian women, or the women can easily take advantage of lax illegal immigration laws, change their names to something Hispanic and sign up for Obamacare and foodstamps. 

    Within 2o years, all the female children these Iranian harem ninjas pop out on US soil will have American citizenship but secretly Iranian ethnicity.  These children will then turn America into modern day Palestine and Israel, creating acts of terror all over the place while America is destroyed from within.

    Iran, and their benefactors of China, will then be free to destroy the world.

    We cannot give Iran time to stall.  We cannot let the men of America be raped by these highly trained Iranian female spies who are sneaking into America through Mexico or the big, open US-Canada border.

    To stop these infestation, America must close its borders and nuke Iran.  The alternative is a future of terror, blown up malls and Shariah Chinese communism being the word of law for every enslaved American household.

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