• Is Pyramid Scheming Mormon Billionaire Frank VanderSloot Secretly Using Mitt Romney’s Candidacy to Promote Occultism and Pedophilia?

    February 17, 2012 10:03 pm 80 comments
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  • The machinations of America’s billionaires have become a hot topic this presidential campaign season. Barack Obama has the likes of George Soros firmly planted in his back pocket and independent-minded citizens are duly outraged. Yet on the other side, there is one man whose influence raises warning flags of corruption and an endgame that can be described as nothing less than apocalyptic. In a shocking report that appeared on Salon.com today, journalist Glenn Greenwald revealed that one of the most dangerous men in this nation is secretly bankrolling radical Mormon candidate Mitt Romney.

    stephenson billings on aziz ansariThe polymorphously pernicious potentate in question is none other than Frank VanderSloot. VanderSloot is Chief Executive Officer of Melaleuca, Inc., a company that seeks to push pills on an unsuspecting public with outrageous claims of health and well being. The corpulent and greedy kingpin knows not humility or shame, righteousness or the true wisdom of God. He wears his extreme Mormonism on his sleeve. He despises the truth of Christianity with every fiber of his being. He has used his suspiciously-won wealth to promote an affront to America’s most sacred traditions of faith and decency.

    As one report recently noted, “the beliefs of Mormonism are considered by almost everyone as genuinely anti-Christian. They deny the sanctity of the Holy Trinity, they believe God exists with human-like flesh and bones, and that 19th-century ex-con Joseph Smith was a true prophet.” Despite the overwhelming evidence that Joseph Smith was little more than a debauched counterfeiting fraud, Mr. VanderSloot continues to scheme his way into the halls of power. Recently, he secretly funneled $1 million to promote Mitt Romney’s message of socialism and global appeasement.

    The issue becomes even more terrifying when VanderSloot’s shocking connection to pedophilia is better understood. The lusty, fast-fingered billionaire was single-handedly behind a campaign to suppress a molestation scandal that erupted in his home territory of Idaho. He used his enormous political powers and financial coffers to hide the truth of these horrific events, even going so far as to bully his fellow homosexuals to keep the news from the press. Why would a powerful man stoop to such barnyard contrivances, such corrupt and frankly evil tactics? Does this man possess one iota of honesty? One scintilla of honor? Or is he the most vile combination of avarice and hate, perversion and fraud of our generation?

    stephenson billings on aziz ansariIn 1996, the American Psychological Association revealed that some of the very worst homophobes in America are secretly homosexual. While Christians argue against this tragic lifestyle choice with spiritual wisdom and biological reason, the likes of VanderSloot resort to underhanded, bossy tactics. Could Frank be hiding his own hardcore, malicious desires? Could the bearish, baldheaded man harbor a disgusting lust for man on man action, no matter how sweaty or foul, from our big city’s grimiest alleyways to the private paradises of male escorts that only those with billions in the bank can afford? Interestingly enough, Mr. VanderSloot has not once denied that he dreams of gay erotic intercourse. He has never claimed that the thought of sodomy outrages him. There is absolutely no evidence that this man doesn’t yearn to writhe with a muscled Latino on his private yacht or that he has a harem of lithe twink boys chained in the sadomasochistic dungeon of his walled-in Salt Lake City compound.

    Further angering the honest people of this nation is the ultimate goals that VanderSloot’s elaborate form of Mormonism represents for American democracy. The details of this so-called “Church of Latter Day Saints” are little different than the tactics and ceremonies of Scientology. Why are they so anxious to claim America’s highest elected office? What does a man like VanderSloot need with even more power?

    Could it be that VanderSloot’s billions are simply a stepping-stone to the true apocalyptic showdown that the Bible repeatedly warns us about? Can we honestly say that Mormonism is absolutely devoid of Satanism? Could this VanderSloot, the censor of sex scandals, the celebrator of occultism, the proponent of anti-Christianism, actually be something far worse? I hesitate to call the man an agent of Lucifer. I will leave it to scholars more versed in the signs of the End Times to interpret, but there is ample evidence to begin a widespread investigation. America’s Christians need to begin where several state Attorneys General have left off. We must unmask the hoofed cretin prowling so openly in our midst. Frank VanderSloot, I pray that your horrendous agenda for this planet is one day unmasked and that pedophilia becomes a thing of ancient history.

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