• Is Tumblr Stealing The Souls of Your Children?

    February 6, 2012 12:26 pm 57 comments
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  • Tumblr is a dangerous website on the interweb that your child may be lurking on. As the most popular blogging platform on earth, it has lured many young teens into its clutches. Unfortunately, it harbors an extremely homoerotic leaning and contains dangerous media that children of any age should be exposed to. It is extremely malicious and will steal your child’s feelings, replacing them with sexualized isolation. Your child may become robotic and obsessed with gay porn. Tumblr is a predator, a predator gaining in liberal popularity.

    Tumblr is full of gay porn and is one of the main distributors of homoerotic messages to youth. You will find posts about gay marriage with millions of hearts and homoerotic sex is one of the most popular subjects on the site. Many tumblr sites contain how-to guides for gay sex maneuvers, and it will burn your child’s brain. Young women find themselves drawn to images of men engaging in premarital kissing through tumblr and many end up transsexual, desperately wanting to be one of the men engaging in oral sodomy. But how does tumblr manipulate your child’s mind?


    Look at how the liberal cat tries to control you with its eyes, but beware.

    Like most other websites popular among strange liberal druggies, at its core, it is a cult. Tumblr is headed by groups of New York gays and nerds, and the head honchos seem to really like cats. You can’t have a moral website with cats, that’s an inherent contradiction. However, cats are extremely persuasive and have turned many people to the dark side. Cats also have a tendency to be evil, which we can see in cases such as Catwoman, in which the feline is extremely destructive and causes a great deal of harm to everyone. Many immoral liberals use cats to their advantage because they have hypnotic eyes and are small in frame. This is what captures so many youth.

    Another compelling part of tumblr to youth is the overt sexualization of everything. All teenagers, except for properly raised Christians (special needs teenagers aside), are driven towards sexuality. Many youth announce foolishly that they consider themselves to be a homosexual. Many teenage boys are now engaging in sin docking. Many teenage ladies are having their cankerblossom massaged by other misguided youth. The uglier children are demon whacking during their melancholic programming sessions. Some teenage ladies spread images of their sin treats throughout their high schools and to all of the students and teachers. The destructive gay agenda devoted to destroying Christian morality and the sanctity of the Christian body has begun to manifest itself through tumblr, and it lures in youth.

    Isolating our children

    So not only is tumblr responsible for sexualizing our children through the gay agenda, it isolates them as well. Kids these days are too busy using tumblr to talk to other children. Kids are becoming withdrawn and more kids are becoming diagnosed with things like anxiety, antisocial behavior, and aspergers syndrome. We can account this to the fact that nobody is talking to each other. Social occasions like church and the purity ball are being shunned for internet memes. Where does the madness end? It ends in a colossal, silent supernova of atheism. Tumblr is stealing your child’s amygdala, replacing it with troll faces and cat eyes. Why are we allowing this to happen?ย 

    Look through your child’s internet history. If you see any tumblr pages, immediately consult your pastor or a reliable Christian psychiatrist. Pray. Pray the gay away, away from your child’s innocent soul and computer. Tumblr is a predator and it is extremely destructive in the Christian home. Your child doesn’t deserve the devil within tumblr infiltrating their mind. Remember to always use protection on the internet, and together we can all destroy the evil of tumblr and all that lies within!

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