• Jesus Discovery in Jerusalem Stuns Scientists, Shuts the Mouths of Atheists

    February 29, 2012 3:47 am 64 comments
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  • The atheist threesome of PZ Meiers, Neil deGrasse Tyson and the notorious Richard Dawkins must be in stunned silence tonight, not even able to self-fellate their self-aggrandized theories as their mouths are too busy stuck open in awe at the Jesus Discovery in Jerusalem.

    Now we know why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was so desperately trying to build a nuke to wipe out our favorite ally. He was scared of this:

    This one ancient inscription reveals the birth of the world’s true faith and morality:  Christianity.

    In this academic release, witness the discovery of the birth of Christianity.  Once you are done reading it, don’t think.  Just meditate and reflect on the implications and all that it means.  Let Christ speak to your heart.

    My friends, this is the good news.  Christianity is a part of humanity, this one inscription gives us a concrete starting point and moreover shows when true civilization and morality started for the world.  This one image even gives America a foundation on when its true principles were born.

    There is nothing Ahmadinejad would love to do then to wipe this artifact out of existence.  The Islamist countries are working hard to build a nuke so they can make the site where this artifact is housed a ground zero for their attack.

    Friends, we must not let that happen.  If we let the birthplace of Christianity be destroyed because we were too lazy or pandering to the Muslims, imagine how harshly God will judge us.

    We must wipe Iran out and make a giant green zone in Jerusalem, under the ownership and protection of America.  As the world’s superpower and the most powerful Christian nation on Earth, this much is our natural duty.  It is not even a duty, it is an honor.

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