• Joe Kennedy III Announces Intent to Run for Rep Barney Frank’s Seat, Continue Family’s Tradition of Adultering and Drinking

    February 16, 2012 6:54 pm 50 comments
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  • Hair shining bright red with dangerously Irish Catholicism, young  Joe Kennedy III may be the most threatening son of Camelot to ever stand against our Christian Republican party.

    What’s most disturbing about the Kennedy legacy is their flagrant disregard for marital loyalty.  JFK popularized the notion that the POTUS is a romantic role, carried out by a man who disrespects his wife by sleeping with iterns and overweight ‘bombshell’ starlets and then lies about it under oath.

    These guys think a few Hail Mary rosaries can alleviate all the pain and suffering wrought by the idea of America’s prized man, the US president, slutzing around behind the back of his wife.

    If the men of a family cannot be loyal to their wife, then how can we trust them to be loyal to their families?  Did Kennedy’s administration really catch the Soviets sneaking illegal nukes into Cuba, or was he caught in a scheme to aide The Red Mistress overtaking America’s Eastern seaboard and have to abandon his adulterous treachery in the 11th hour after other agencies were privy?


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