• John and Ken Suspended for Using Freedom of Speech to Talk About Whitney Houston

    February 17, 2012 12:55 pm Comments Off on John and Ken Suspended for Using Freedom of Speech to Talk About Whitney Houston
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  • Los Angeles radio personalities John and Ken suspended today for what many are calling ‘insensitive’ remarks about Whitney Houston.   The two called Whitney Houston a ‘crack ho’ and said that she was ‘cracked out for 20 years’.

    Now as you know, I have the utmost respect for people and would never condone being mean to such a good young girl.  But why are we suspending these guys, America?  This reminds me of everyone getting all emotional after Michael Jackson died.  While the man was alive, everyone was telling him to burn in hell, calling him a kiddy diddler and Wacko Jacko.  But the second he dies, the very people who tore him down for years suddenly were taking the high road and posting Facebook stati about how he was the greatest musician ever?

    Listen to this audio:

    Now, watch this:

    It’s okay to make light of someone’s crack addiction if they are alive and there may be something you could positively do to encourage their recovery, but don’t. But heaven forbid if someone says something ill after the person is gone and there is only money to be made selling of their ‘memory’ merchandise ala what we saw done with Michael Jackson.

    Mad TV, what say yoU?

    Oh, but again, that’s funny. She was alive so it was okay to make fun of her struggles, but now again that she is gone and our little worldly words have no meaning and the girl cannot be appreciated, John and Ken are the worst human beings of all time.

    Look, you all know I’m not one to support the devil’s music but this girl was ams decent. She started off in the church and then got bamboozled by big paychecks and the lure of drug music. She then married the wrong man. I see it is a story of why parents should work hard to stay involved in a child’s life no matter their success, and always do the best to keep away drugs and horndog devils who try to woo your daughter.

    But in all of this, this is societal hypocrisy at its finest. Sure, it’s in bad taste to call this woman a ‘crack ho’ right before her funeral, but it’s no different than what society has called and treated her the entire time she was alive. People made fun of her crack habits. There are skits of her sniffing whtie stuff and everyone knows the “Crack is whack” line.

    Why are these people only really cared about though, all their bad vices in a productive way, in death? I think it has something to do with the growing parasite culture of the world.

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