• Known Drug User, R&B Diva Whitney Houston Dead at 48.

    February 13, 2012 12:18 am Comments Off on Known Drug User, R&B Diva Whitney Houston Dead at 48.
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    After years of abusing crack cocaine and dating younger men, Whitney Houston has died, more than likely as a result of “freebasing.”

    Known primarily for her penchant to host lavish, “crack” parties in numerous exotic locales, Whitney also had a string of hits in the early 90’s before succumbing to her addiction.

    Her most famous hit, “I Will Always Love You” is a blatant ode to crack cocaine, the official drug of the black community.


    Whitney Houston, at a press conference, thinking about drugs.

        Fading into obscurity in 1993, she maintained her notorious drug habit through residuals and sales of her “Greatest Hits” album. After her tumultuous relationship with former R&B star and influential black thought leader Bobby Brown ended, she became entwined with gangster rapper Ray J.

    Ray J is known for producing a sex tape with the whorish lust-mongerer Kim Kardashian and attempting to sell it to the E! network, in order to show ghetto youths how far a drug-fueled lifestyle as a violent gangster rapper could carry them.

       Over the next few days, Whitney will be eulogized by scores of secular black gangmembers and drug dealers in the hip-hop music industry, and her legacy will be on display, but I urge you to remember the real Whitney Houston — a drug-using R&B siren who fell from God’s grace and thus suffered a grisly fate.

    (Note: It’s unknown how much of a role the repeal of Prop 8 factored into her death, but more details available as they emerge.)

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