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    February 9, 2012 6:29 pm 30 comments
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    A heartwarming scene where a news anchor, Kyle Dyer, bent down to pet a rescue dog that the firefighter pictured had saved turned to absolute chaos when the dog was possessed to bite the news anchor in the face.

    Michael Robinson, pictured between Dyer and the firefighter, could only helplessly look on as his newly adopted pet was coerced to turn and snap by the unction of trauma and dark forces.

    Dog attack

    The scene above is gruesome and horrible, but we must remember that it is not the fault of the dog.

    This animal had faced a daring rescue from an icy tomb, where a brave firefighter worked with others to pull it from an iceslip it had encountered.

    Before this time, it is impossible to tell what abuses and traumatic experiencs the dog may have encountered.  Even without trauma, the dog was just being a dog and was likely spooked by all the loud noises, wild crowds and jeering.  As one commentator put it:

    ‘The dog was being a dog, defending itself in a stressful situation. He didn’t jump on her and maul her, he nipped her lip….and she shouldn’t have been trying to kiss him. Maybe it’s a hard lesson to learn, but hopefully she learned it.’

    Sadistic people would advocate for putting this dog to death for a minor attack.  Sure, we wish Dyer well but the dog cannot be blamed.  It did not ask to be paraded in front of millions of people.  It should have just been left to its own vices, or it could have been muzzled for the interview.

    News9 had better know that if it dares falls into the crowd of belligent, destructive people calling for this dog’s death, there will be massive protests and great boycots from us decent people who love good animals.



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