• Liberals Crying Over This John McNaughton Cartoon That Shows Obama Trampling Constitution, Founding Fathers Crying

    February 5, 2012 11:54 am 21 comments
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  • Barack Obama Tramples US Constitution, Founding Fathers In Tears

     John McNaughton is the greatest hero of the modern era.  With but a stroke of his paintbrush, he has upset the crazy liberals who want to dominate our world.

    The image at left is a rough screenshot of this masterpiece that depicts Barack Hussein Obama causing great ire and stress to fall upon our founding fathers.

    Look at how the Lecherous Legion of Liberals, Bill “Hankypank” Clinton, Franklin “Trotsky’s Bottomboy” Roosevelt and the dire Obama all stand proud of destroying America.  What’s FDR even doing standing up! 

    President George W. Bush is snarling in this picture.  It is symbolic how our great leader President Bush is looking to “The Right” as the stench of Obama’s leftist betrayal causes his face to furrow with disgust.

    Even John F. Kennedy is thinking twice and wondering if he did the right thing in the 60s.  Should he have championed for Obama to have a shot at office?  He’s not sure because without the Constitution, there is freedom for nobody.

    President Ronald Reagan is in the painting.  Look at him take sympathy for the 99% hippie sitting on the bench.  The jobless wretch is suffering under Obama’s America, because the rich business owners are being taxed so much they have to cut menial jobs out of their company.

    Reagan motions and pleads for Obama to knock it off.  If only Reaganomics were still here for America, the 99% would have jobs and our biggest problem would be hiring more police officers to throw more crackheads in jail.  How many of the 99% would be employed with good state jobs as police officers if only Reagan’s voice were not strangled to a whisper by the hardheaded Obama?

    Abraham Lincoln is angry.  It was once 4 score and 7 years ago to him that freedom was created.  But that very freedom he invoked in his speech to free the Obamas, Obama is now trampling upon.

    How can America be free and good if we are forced to give everyone free healthcare?  Obama is trying to give a heart attack to all the CEOS of Major Medical insurance companies.  Obama wants the red commie blood of Karl Marx to beat through the veins of America.  Obama wants to poison the bosom of Lady Liberty and torture Uncle Sam himself in Gitmo.

    Look at Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.  They weep.  This is not their America.  This was to be a land for all good, hardworking land owners to make a life for themselves, but sadly, Obama wants to scheme to make it so that our housing markets crash and we have to pay for every 8 buckhaired child mother to have a nice little cushy apartment that she can afford at $0 per month because hardworking Americans are FORCED to foot the bill.

    Obama has signed away our freedom, America.  He can throw any of us in GITMO.  He tried to sneak ACTA and SOPA into our internet.  He’s trying to silence America.  And now, he’s even destroying all American jobs and companies.

    America, we must put an end to the left-wing conspiracy to destroy America.  Democrats have become the socialist party of Soviet sympathizers.  The Democrats are one presidential election away from destroying all decency in this country.  

    If Obama is reelected, he will go to Philedelphia and take hold the liberty bell.  It will ring, dear friends.  And it shall not ring for freedom, for its toll shall symbolize the death of our country, our freedoms and our way of life.

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