• Massachusetts Suffers God’s Vengeance! Hundreds of Kamikaze Dolphins Beach Themselves on Cape Cod… Washington Residents Fear they’re Next!

    February 18, 2012 8:34 pm 44 comments
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  • Massachusetts Suffers God’s Vengeance! Hundreds of Kamikaze Dolphins Beach Themselves on Cape Cod… Washington Residents Fear they’re Next!

    God Punishes Massachusetts Residents for Marrying 16,000 Same-Sex Couples

    WELLFLEET, Massachusetts – Washington State became the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage this week, while Massachusetts, the State that pioneered the gay agenda celebrates having exceeded 16,000 same-sex marriages since Massachusetts became the first State to legalize butt-sex in 2004.

    The irony was striking this week. As Washington State celebrated joining the enlightened Free States who’ve embraced sodomy, Massachusetts residents watched in horror as an angry God unleashed His wrath upon Cape Cod residents with a miracle of Biblical proportions. Angry over the dark path His Christian Nation has taken our Lord & Savior, Jesus Chris† dispatched hundreds of common dolphins to Cape Cod with orders to kill themselves on the beaches of this Massachusetts landmark.

    The secular world has turned to science to explain why these common dolphins suddenly turned kamikaze… bringing horror and carnage to the beaches of the Cape for all to see. Scientist and volunteers responding to the crisis in Cape Cod have confirmed since January 12, 179 common dolphins have been found stranded in shallow waters or beached unable to swim back to sea.

    God Commands Hundreds of Dolphins to Kill

    Themselves on Cape Cod Beaches


    In January 177 common dolphins became stranded in the Cape, 124 of them died. According to Katie Moore, manger of the marine mammal rescue team of the International Fund for Animal Welfare reported the average number of common dolphins found beached annually is 38. “This is an enormous event. What’s scary is that this event has been limited exclusively to one species; the common dolphin,” said Moore.

    Annually an average of 228 marine animals including dolphins, seals, whales and porpoises are found beached in Cape Cod. The magnitude of this event in January alone has already surpassed the halfway point of the yearly average leaving scientist baffled.  Christian church elders from Boston have met with clergy in Cape Cod to investigate why these creatures suddenly became suicidal then beached themselves for all to see. Science has failed to provide a single answer but has confirmed the rescued dolphins appear to be behaving normally.

    Cardinal O’Malley Calls Dolphin Mass Suicide on Cape Cod a Miracle

    Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley of the Boston Archdiocese announced at a press conference just moments ago that he and other Christians leaders tried to met with the scientist working in Cape Cod to discuss this strange phenomena, but were turned away and told the scientist and marine experts are too busy dealing with the crisis to stop and met with religious leaders. Trevor Spalding, marine mammal biologist with NOAA Fishing Service briefly spoke to one reporter and said, “God’s got nothing to do with it and our attention must be focused on the problem right now.”       

    Cardinal O’Malley spoke with reporters saying he is disturbed by the scientists’ attitude insisting that his investigation has already determined that what we’re witnessing is not normal behavior for the common dolphin. “These mammals were sent to the Cape by an angry vengeful God. Instinctively these mammals avoid shallow water and would typically never beach themselves. But they did beach themselves as God had instructed them to do. This is a message from God. We are witnessing a modern-day miracle that science will never be able to explain,” O’Malley said.  

    Massachusetts Feces Queens Married in 2006 are Demon Possessed

    The Wages of Sin

    History has recorded the new benchmark set by the State of Massachusetts, a shameless dark sinful chapter added to the State’s dying legacy. Massachusetts is proudly recognized as the “Pioneer State” for the homogay agenda, being the first openly “Sodomite-Friendly” State in the Union.

    Butch Diesel Dykes Recruit Young Girls for Satan


    But eight years after legalizing dirty butt-sex Massachusetts residents are now realizing the high price they are paying for welcoming Satan’s sodomites into their State. In the public school system throughout the State beginning in the 7th grade gay butt-sex has been added to the curricular under the title: “Alternate Options” for all Sex Ed. classes.

    STDs are 65% higher today then in 2004 with the largest increase being in the age group from 14 to 18.


    According to Attorney General Martha Coakley criminal offenses such as public indecency and lewd behavior are up by 62%. Police departments have created “toilet divisions” where undercover officers are assigned to stake-out public restrooms in shopping malls, airports, parks and bus stations which are popular “hunting grounds” for the homogay.


    Coakley added child abduction is up 77% as are sexual abuse & battery cases involving minors, she added that Massachusetts currently has the highest number of HIV cases in the U.S. The price Massachusetts taxpayers must burden just for the increase in the State’s health care system is crippling. And it has become necessary for police to assign officers to watch public toilets when they clearly could be running down killers, rapists and Godless sodomites.


    Leading the charge to restore order and Christian values to State government is the Massachusetts Family Institute, the Catholic Church and Massachusetts Christians of all denominations. They’re demanding legislation to ban same-sex marriage and to make sodomy a felony crime that carries a life plus 20 years sentence.

    Barbara Jenkins, CEO of Massachusetts Family Insitiute


    Barbara Jenkins with the Massachusetts Family Institute was interviewed for this exposé, “I enjoyed shopping with my mother as a little girl in all the big malls and stores in Boston. Today I would never entertain the notion of taking my daughter to those Boston malls. The filthy homeless prowl the dumpsters and troll through the parking lot. Drug dealers met their clientele in the mall where they conduct business with impunity. And everywhere you look your knee-deep in diesel-dykes and fairies.

    Will the Lord’s Wrath Descend Upon Washington State Next?

    Washington legislators met late this afternoon to see if the recently passed same-sex marriage law can be suspended indefinitely in order to show good faith to God. But no decisions were made today. Meanwhile staffers in the governor’s office are closely watching the situation so they can advice Governor Chris Gregoire of her options in the event God strikes Washington State.

    Governor Gregoire issued a press statement late Friday afternoon… “Our reaction to what may or may not be an imamate threat from God to punish Washington residents for having legalized same-sex marriage has been greatly hampered by the fact that our emergency service personal have no training in dealing with God’s rage let alone His punishment on a scale of Biblical proportions. Right now we don’t know if we should prepare for an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, the plague, or an infestation of bull-dykes and Nancy-boys.”

    The big question now is… Will God unleash His holy vengeance on Washington State next? Only God knows.         

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