• MIA Middle Finger Proves Superbowl Halftime Show Should Be Prerecorded

    February 6, 2012 9:20 pm 9 comments
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    Millions of innocent families and friends were exposed to the most horrid, crass vulgarity at the Super Bowl 2012.  Madonna gave a very raunchy, pelvic grinding performance that left no room for the imagination.  But if that was not bad enough, one of her little groupy backup singers named Mia gave America the middle finger business.

    I have ordered our editors to blot out this little vixens finger so families will not be corrupted.  As you know, extending the middle finger out means the “F” word and I am not talking about fiddlesticks.

    The Bible warns that when curse words enter the mind, they enter the heart.  And when you have a cursed heart, you shall die both physically and spiritually.

    Satan fancies himself of cardiologist and takes a pride in his malpractice.  How happy he must have been yesterday to see his little resident Mia practicing her symbolic curse words for all of America.  I would love to see the statistics right now, because I bet at least 10% of the impressionable kids who saw this today were slinging crack in their high schools and gapping their legs to get ‘f’ and preggo in the back of a car!

    You may think this sounds extreme, but there is a reason why we’re already boycotting Super Bowl 2013 and have accused the NFL of betraying us all.

    Next year, the Super Bowl must prerecord their NFL halftime show.  This is the only way we can trust the NFL after betraying us again.  They promised us a wholesome Super Bowl but we were treated to thirty cracked coke fueled minutes of Las Vegas filled with gold-clad, sweaty and tight thighed Amazonians in heat!

    Why could we not have Jackie Evancho or Amy Grant sing for 30 minutes, and then on the Jumbotron the SuperBowl crowd can watch the prerecorded and FCC and clergy approved halftime show.  To us at home, it can still even look live.  It will take care of the problem of exposing America to all these FILTHY halftime shows, NFL.  You betrayed us, football.  Next year, you better have it done right or don’t have a show at all.

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