• MTV’s Jersey Shore – 6th Season Looks Doubtful

    February 20, 2012 3:23 am 172 comments
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  • MTV’s Jersey Shore – 6th Season Looks Doubtful


    <chrisTwire> There has been plenty of buzz this week about the future of MTV’s Jersey Shore as producers consider a 6th season. MTV executives are monitoring the progress of two spinoffs, one that will follow Pauly D, and another that focuses on Snooki and JWoww. On Live! With Kelly this week (weekdays on ABC) Sammi and Deena said MTV has yet to make any decision about whether the show will return for Season 6.

    Last month during an interview with The Huffington Post Ronnie Ortiz-Magro said the producers were considering alternate locations for the show’s possible 6th Season. The shows first three seasons proved a big hit for MTV but Season 4 saw ratings fall and MTV executives reported the ratings for Season 5 were significantly less. Viewers maybe burned out on the show so producers are considering re-casting the show entirely.

    The show has been controversial since its inception receiving criticism from New Jersey residents and Italian American groups for depicting New Jersey residents as being far less intelligent than most Americans, except of course those living in Alabama. Charges of racism from the Italian American community sharply criticize the portrayal of Italians as drunken, violent womanizers who are called “Guido” while females are known as “Guidettes.”

    According to The Christian Post, conservative radio talk show host Todd Schnitt strongly objects to “The amount of sex, aggression, and provocative behavior” in the show adding reality-type programming like Jersey Shore presents “a laundry list of behaviors sensationalize on air including sex, aggression, and actions that show zero moral values.” While America’s children are watching Jersey Shore Schnitt said “they are texting, phoning and tweeting about the show – thereby spreading the silliness and provocative behavior” to their friends.

    The show is based on seven New Jersey friends who live together on the Jersey Shore over the summer. Episodes feature “party hook-ups,” the consumption of copious amounts of liquor, wild parties where the males reveal their hard bodies, and their many anti-Christian tattoos such as the number 666, upside down crosses, the pentagram and anarchy symbol. The girls show off their hair extensions and wear as few clothes as possible.

    The Scandals


    While MTV executives consider a 6th Season let’s look back at the scandals Jersey Shore has accumulated during its first 5 Seasons. Last year the show endured its first drug scandal with cast members using cocaine while filming in South Beach, Miami. Though the show didn’t air any footage of the cast actually snorting any fat gakers, insiders with the show said the cast all did lines off of Snooki’s rather large ass before filming began.

    This brings up another concern, throughout the first 5 Seasons the young cast of Jersey Shore have appeared on TV while heavily intoxicated, stoned or tweaked out.  In June last year Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Vinny Guadagino appeared shirtless on the cover of The Village Voice – The Queer Issue! The headline below the image reads… The Guido Ideal. Sorrentino who has more gay fans then the other males on the show said, I’m flattered if there are guys with different preferences that have crushes on me, I like the attention.”

    While attending a boys-only party in Asbury Park Sorrentino explained the protocol… “A lot of these guys are just looking to get blown,” he told the Village Voice. “If they get f**ked, they’re gay, so they keep it on a blowjob level. A month later in July 2010 the breakout star of MTV’s hit show Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi was arrested after she had spent the day boozing it up. E! Online reported the “guidette” dressed in a tight pink leopard tank top with the word “Slut” and a short skirt that revealed Snookie wasn’t wearing any panties. One witness said, “She was on her knees and kept falling on the beach. People were laughing but she kept bothering people who were not connected to the show. One of them must’ve called the cops.”


    And this isn’t Snookie’s first brush with the law. In 2004 she was charged with serving alcohol to minors at her home. Her classmate Michael Truncali, a senior at Marlboro High School had been drinking for hours with others who were partying with Snookie. When Truncali left the party in his Mazda his blood alcohol level was more then twice the legal limit. The high school boy was killed when he rolled his Mazda on Thanksgiving morning.


    The truth about MTV’s Jersey Shore is that it depicts the worst of human behavior in order to get high ratings from its audience who predominately are of high school age. Obscene language dominates the conversation, nudity is commonplace, sex frequently occurs, and drugs and booze are highlighted as being normal for all teens to experiment with. House parties show crazy incidents of the cast while under the influence, and boys-only parties openly depict homogay’s as being normal and well accepted by the community.


    Parents this is a wakeup call. This show is a step-by-step instruction manual on how American children can have good times while giving their souls to Satan. The cast is made up of criminals, homogays, pedophiles, addicts and drunks. This is a show you want to forbid your child from watching. And its time the Christian community acted to ban this show and educate parents as to the real evils MTV’s Jersey Shore continually pumps into the brains of American youth.

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