• NASCAR, a Most Godly American Sport

    February 20, 2012 5:25 am 13 comments
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    Cassidy Pen


    The second half of February (aka Black History Month, to liberals) brings with it the healthy anticipation of the start of NASCAR Season.  The dead of winter will soon be swept away with the roar of 5.86 L (1.55gal) 865 horsepower machines and the cheering of over 100,000 capped spectators as the green flag flies and welcomes into our living rooms the most Godly and Wholesome of American sports, the Daytona 500, or as NASCAR aficionados would pronounce; “DayyyyYYYYYY-TONE-A!!!.”

    Contractual regulations forbid me from posting pictures of the various cars in this series or even the notable logo and trophy.  But any Good Southern Christian is familiar with seeing Richard Petty’s Cowboy Hat inside his blue std Plymouth that he drove back in the days before big government political correction forbade cigarette and liquor advertising.  Winston Cup was the toast of the land.

    I sure remember them days when I was not hampered down with government intrusions on my freedom to drive a vehicle.  I would pack up the boy in the Winnebago and we’d catch a huge chunk of the NASCAR as it made it’s glorious trek through the South.  Today, the sting of commercialism and Wall Street greed has forced the NASCAR out of some of it’s traditional Southern Racetracks to the Aggressive North where the demand for fine motor racing visits godless towns like Chicago, Las Vegas, and Indianapolis… places that have no business whatsoever hosting racing competition.

    I believe, however, that the sport is rising again despite the death last year of one of its’ most enduring Christian Patriarchs, Dale Earnhardt, whose spectacular fatal flipping crash ended his life and reign as the top diplomat of NASCAR. The grief was echoed by millions in uni scent and the three fingered salute not only commemorated the great Dale’s car number but also raised a signal to the detractors of the sport as they were motioned to look “down the middle” for the official fan response to their criticism.

    The Three Finger Gesture

    The Three finger salute is also prominent with the cathylicks because of some kind of trinity business.  Maybe brother Albert can expand on this.

    Dale’s car registered on the radar of the airport next door the track.  This is the same airport that hosted air force one when the most godly of presidents, Reagan arrived at the track to bless and sanction Richard Petty’s Daytona 500 win years before the sport and the presidency would fall victim to the great stain of the succubus, women and their greedful desires.  In NASCAR, this is at the hands of one Danica Patrick.  (We all know of the female connections with which Bill Clinton stained the white house and the office of the presidency.)

    Seductress Danica Patrick

    The words of the good Pastor Joe Nelms sufficiently sum up my feelings about this most Godly of Sport which despite its’ failings and criticisms has bounced back like Harry (Lazarus) Gant did when he scored a win at Martinsville in the 1991 Goody’s 500 after crashing his car to bits and forcing him to the garage.


    Please use this link if the cockamammee media embedderer fails: http://youtu.be/J74y88YuSJ8

    Remember to take some time to thank almighty God for HIS blessing of everyone in the form of the great godly sport of NASCAR.

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