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  • I was outraged to see this joke about unicorns and Noah’s ark. Noah took two of every animal created by god in the garden of eden 6,000 years ago. Unicorns are abominations and were never created by god, worse still in this they talk which is completely against the will of god, who bestowed mankind with the power to think. No animal can talk especially not ones that don’t exist, this cartoon shows complete ignorance of the bible by a moronic, muslim, terrorist, cartoonist. Everyone who is smart knows that Noah let everyone on to the ark except for people of different races, they only survived because of their unnatural swimming ability, most likely bestowed by satan. Unicorns are heathen creatures which god never created and noah never invited onto the ark, and i don’t want to think about all the sodomy those gay unicorns commit with those horns. Worse stil our kids have been propagandized by the liberal media to believe that unicorns are real and were created by god. I see unicorn stickers everywhere and this shows complete lack of bible knowledge by our kids. With such little knowledge of scripture i fear that this generation of american girls will be the last, this unicorn propaganda convinces little girls to try and get jobs! not go to church! and commit adultery before marriage and then get abortions! I don’t know how kids these days can be so easily blinded by liberal propaganda, in my day we never would have fallen for this satanist, atheist, sodomite, liberal monsters.  Don’t worry for good christian parents there is always something you can do.

    1. Talk to your child tell them Unicorns are not real and god never created them, that they did not die because noah didn’t take them.

    2. Take your child to church more then every sunday, consider leaving them there for good if the problem is really bad.

    3. Feed them meat every night so they don’t become vegetarian because they think they might eat unicorns.

    4. don’t let them watch T.V. especially the show My Little Pony because it regularly involves unicorns, and sodomite talking ponies. as well as pagan witchcraft.

    5. Do not under any circumstances let them put unicorn stickers in their room.

    6. Do not let minorities and their satanic rituals and swimming abilities corrupt them into believing in unicorns, they are just jealous noah didn’t let them on the ark.

    Together we can fight this liberal propaganda and educate our little girls about the bible.

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