• Obama Smiles As Chinese Woman Gropes His Butt (Photo Evidence)

    February 20, 2012 7:54 am 23 comments
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  • Well, well, well. Colored me surprised. Obama the ‘gay rights’ president is letting a Chinese women feel up his backside. No warning!

    Look at how Obama squenches his neck and grin like watermelon happiness. He is really enjoying this Sadako hand maiden giving his backside a tossle!  I warned everyone months ago that Obama like to dabble a bit with colon play, but everyone disregarded my warning as a tabloid rumor.

    Even after I published proof of Obama kissing a man, liberals still tried to make excuses and say it was an accident.  Obama must have tripped and fallen tongue first into David Cameron’s mouth.

    Well now, even the liberals are reporting this story.  Obama is in China right now, letting this woman play fake plastic Twiddle Rompus with him and it looks like the Asian golfer boy who won the masters is going to be there to watch. 

    I don’t even  know what else to say at this point.  I would normally remind everyone how God gays are fecal marinated and will be great mesquite flavoring for Satan’s BBQ pit orgy in hell, but with now New Jersey threatening to allow gays to marry I can see that maybe America has this one coming.

    Just know your president is submitting his backside to some random communist woman and moaning in torture and despair.  Do you really think this is the America God wanted when he blessed our army to whoop the British back across the ocean?  Is this why God bestowed upon us the holy gift of nuclear might to crush the Japanese and their goosestepped allies!

    Be warned, America!  This is filth!   Obama is prostituting himself to the sick perversions of the Chinese!  They are using him as a porn star and we are stuck here with the bill for his inorganic twaddled by a squealing Asian female fetish!  2012 better be the turning point, America.  You better vote a good, wholesome Christian man into office who loves his wife like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, even the meek Santorum or Paul is better than this bottom down president.

    Oh friends, the shame is thick upon us right now.  If I were not so disgusted, I would cry for where we have let the presidency fall.  Just go ahead and get it over with.  Share this article and image with your friends.  I know my heart is terribly sad right now because there is proof that America’s president is letting himself get felt up like a piece of chitterling meat.

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