• Outrageous Michelle Obama Forces US Military to eat “Salad Rations”

    February 10, 2012 1:30 am 140 comments
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  • Irate military personnel being forced to eat salad and drink water, as a iron-browed Michelle Obama watches them eat new food she dictates they must eat.

    In the latest affront to decency, the Obama have launched a full out assault upon the American military. Hiding her agenda under the guise of ‘public health’, Michelle Obama today lauded the US military for being ‘fat, overweight and overfed’. The First Lady said effective immediately, all military personnel were not to enjoy a juicy steak, grilled burgers or even an ice cold beer when on leave. Even for rations, the First Lady claims the US military must eat ‘salad based meals’ or face court martial.

    The latest Obama scheme is a way to cut funding to the US military to make more room for their pet project, such as giving $1 billion of US money to Palestinian Hamas radical Jihad Muslim mujaheddin terrorists and forcing the US to spend endless amounts of money for any Obamacare recipient who wants an abortion. Funding will also go to creating a mega-abortion facility in Western Kansas.

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