• Planned Parenthood Makes Super Creepy Video, Just Take A Look At It

    February 5, 2012 12:43 pm 20 comments
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  • Planned Parenthoods Creepy and Violent Cartoon

    In the mind of radical liberals, somehow the image you see above is a valid argument as to why it is okay for people to get abortions.

    The video takes a “Republican Right” senator and through a series of ‘fun-filled’ cartoons, makes him see the light and agree that it is okay for women to get abortion, even if their husband, bodyfriend, father or for the blacks the baby-daddy tells them ‘no’.

    If that’s not bad enough, when people protest the murdering of children they are called zombies and shot for sport.

    Planned Parenthoods Creepy and Violent Cartoon

    Why is Planned Parenthood allowed to make it seem like fun to shoot the “Christian Zombies” who do not support murdering babies?  There is nothing right about this.  Just watch this full video and know this is how all liberals think and indoctrinate their children to be little abortion toking harpies.

    After our good friend Glenn Beck helped us bring attention to this issue, they tried to hide it from scrutiny but YouTube has it archived!

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