• Proof that Russia is Experimenting with Nuclear Tesla Trooper Death Energy

    February 6, 2012 7:59 pm 35 comments
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  • What do you get when you mix cold hearted Soviet science, wreckless Tesla electrical experiments and raw nuclear power?

    This terrifying video, shot just outside of Moscow!

    My eldest brother fought and died protecting humanity from the NAZIs. All my life I wish Harry Truman could have had a nuke for every country in Europe, but I would have made a Faustian deal if it meant we could have dropped a dandy right in the heart of Russia!

    Dear friends, the Soviets are an evil people who want to destroy us all. Only a sick, sadistic race of people could dare tinker with Tesla energy and mix it with nuclear power, all to wipe out the innocents of a non-violent country like America.

    In the video above, a Russia civilian is driving along a Russian highway and listening to their government radio. What a surprise that John Lennon is singing a communist manifesto ballad as the massive electrical explosions take place in the distance.

    I recognize the explosions. They are the very ones created long ago by a maniac Russian spy named Nikolai Tesla. The demented sot stole many secrets from Thomas Edison and shuttled them back to Russia, where they sent him resources back to create deadly instruments of destruction right in the heart of America. Fortunately, the American government found all his stolen research and WMDs, casting him out of this great nation.

    It seems the Russians are still doing his experiments, however. The Tesla explosion you witnessed here was just a test shot and the Russian civilians thankfully were able to put this on Russian Youtube before the authorities could get to them.

    With Russia’s recent aggressiveness, I see no other choice than America to develop the most destructive WMD built ever and be able to take Russia and China out with one fell swoop. Some may say I’m being drastic, but do not forget the Cuban Missile Crisis. Russia already tried to wipe us out and they will do it again.

    I spoke to my grandson today and he says this is called nuclear Tesla Trooper energy. I have no idea what it means, but I do know I’ll gladly shine up my shotgun and give any Russian commando entering my home an explosive taste of Pb poison!

    Share this insane video with your friends and thank Alex Keating for nabbing this one from the Russian internet.

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