• Prop 8 Law Repealed; America Doomed to Homosexual Graveyard.

    February 9, 2012 4:57 am 28 comments
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  • By Mark E. Figs, prayer warrior.


    America is in danger of resembling the cemeteries in Africa and San Francisco that house millions of graves (most of them unmarked) full of the diseased carcasses of AIDS-mongering gay homosexuals.

    Soon cities like Boston, Chicago and Little Rock will be nothing more than mass graves similar to those constructed in the pagan country Mexico, known colloquially as “Satan Playground” — a land full of gluttonous, drug using homo drug lords, who pour the genitals of their foes on the streets like a proud American teenaged boy would toss a newspaper into his neighbor’s front yard.

    It’s unsettling enough to know that God-built, 100% American engineering influenced aeroplanes may be piloted by a “Al-Jazeera” terrorist operative. Perhaps a man named Muhammad, Allah or Shareef. In any case America has begun down a path of inequity and horror that mirror the darkest parts of our heavenly Bible.

    My limbs shudder at the grim realization that our great Christian country founded on decent moral principles and Christ-like integrity has been corrupted into a society where young teenaged boys and girls watch programming about groups of illegal Italian immigrant gang members run roughshed up and down the historic Jersey Shore. A society where Satan-worshiping Rock ‘N Roll icons like Adam Levine from the Maroon 5 (the “5” referring to the fifth level of hell in which Levine confesses to reside) can prance around stage in tight pants and turn straight young men into gays.

    Proud, honorable men like Ben Franklin, George Washington and Robert E. Lee would weep at the prospect of two gay homosexuals wrapped in eager embrace, lips and genitals touching, in a fashion characteristic of the wanton sorcerers in the Kardashian cult.

    It is rumored that at the very moment Proposition 8 was repealed, there was a sudden and booming cheer echoing from the streets of the city known more commonly as the sore on Beezelbub’s underbelly, or Dubai. Historically, it is never a good occurrence when a city full of idolaters cheer for your country, especially when they are known terrorists, some of them possibly homosexual.

    The repeal of Proposition 8 guarantees the United States a future of damnation and God’s wrath, as it ensures that our nation goes down in the history books as a modern day recantation of “Sodom and Gomorrah,” similar to a bloated sex worker full of sores caused by AIDS and the homo influence on internet gambling.

    After ruining our economy with their various media programs promoting the gay agenda (TLC’S “House Hunters) and encouraging families to begin incestuous relationships (ABC’S “Modern Family is the prime culprit) the homosexual community now looks to dig its wretched bloodstained claws into the sanctity of marriage and threaten the American way of life.

    Soon god-fearing, loyal Americans will not be able to take our loved ones on a family trip to the delicatessen because of homosexuals engaging in Satan-fueled sex acts on every street corner and park bench. The “homo” lifestyle, with its debonair, brash, sense of fashion (which blatantly mocks God and Joseph’s coat of many colors) and destructive lingo (handjob, blowjob, anal sex, bears and cubs, “bondage”, Nantucket) will infest our schools and communities.

    I urge every great Christian to immediately form a prayer group, or perhaps canvass door-to-door to recruit more prayer soldiers to build up numbers and protect ourselves from the onslaught of homosexuality oppression we are about to endure.


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