• PSA: Young Men, Do Not Let A Milksack Tempstress Trick You This Valentine’s Day

    February 14, 2012 1:01 pm 116 comments
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  • Young men, do not let a milksick tempstress distract you from your studies to be tomorrow’s doctors and lawyers this Valentine’s Day.

    Remember, Satan put the VD in Valentine’s Day so he chuckles with delight everytime you climb in bed with a STD Sally. The alluring prostitutes of alimony will do everything in their power to entice you to give them a nice dinner and attention tonight, so you will think you are getting a great ‘treat’ by them lowering their pants and letting you take a grunting splash within. Do you understand what we’re talking about here?

    Over 60% of all registered people in college now are women. There are only 40% men and that number is falling. What are you young men of this generation thinking, letting women take the lead and strap you at home or a crap job at a department store to pay for some sniveling little brats, while their mommy seduces another man on your dollar?

    Don’t fall for their whoreish antics, my good friends. Men, stand up for yourselves tonight. Go watch Jeremy Lin be the best Asian player the NBA has over seen. Go to a steak house and throw back a lager. Go to the jiggly bar to get your jollies. Just don’t get trapped by throwing your flesh rocket in the receptacle of a little female horndog. They just want you to drop a baby in them, so they can get a free Valentine’s Day every year and every year after that. How?

    It’s called child support. So don’t be dumb, stay in school and keep out of the snootch of these little dimebag sluts. In time, you’ll meet a good woman and you can call her your wife. But get your studies done first and sign a pre-nup.

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