• Rapture Watch 2012: What Scripture Says About Judgment Day…

    February 9, 2012 4:56 am 13 comments
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  • Rapture Watch 2012: What Scripture Says About Judgment Day…


    On Wednesday, December 21, 2012 at 11:11 am the winter solstice begins. On this day the planets will align themselves for a rare celestial event and the faithful will know the end is nigh. Though we do not know the specific date and time when Judgment Day will occur saved Christians will know the day of reckoning is near. For it is written…

    Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming, But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.” 

    “Therefore, you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Matthew 24:36-44

    On judgment day we will all be judged before God, for the Bible states…

     “Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away.  And there was found no place for them.  And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened.  And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life.  And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books. 

    “The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them.  And they were judged, each one according to his works.  Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire.  This is the second death.  And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.” Revelation 20:11-15

    The Bible also speaks of the Faithfull’s ascension to Heaven…

    “For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep.  For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God.  And the dead in Christ will rise first.  Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.  And thus we shall always be with the Lord.

    “Therefore, comfort one another with these words” I Thessalonians 4:13-18

    Take heed brothers and sisters for you will witness the wrath of an angry God with your own eyes. You will be part of a Heavenly event and you will stand before God and be judged by the works of your life. For American Christians it is our time to rise up to met the Lord in the sky, it will be a time of jubilance for the saved!

    It was the American Christians who labored in Christ’s name to fulfill Manifest Destiny. Those brave American men, many who died in His service shall never be forgotten. Our Christian boys had God on their side and fought for a just and noble cause. Knowing this those men were willing face the dirt worshiping heathens who dared stand against the expanding Christian nation of the United States of America.

    After achieving Manifest Destiny it has been our sacred quest to bring democracy and the story of Jesus to the rest of the World. To bring order where there is none. To bring justice to those who’ve never experienced it. And to give a voice to those who have never been heard. Much like it is the duty of all Christians to share Christ with others and work to save as many souls as they can before the Rapture. This is the Christian way.

    Since joining the chrisTwire flock I have observed an inordinate amount of HATE comments condemning chrisTwire and mocking their writers. Much of this material contains obscene language and has been posted by infantile, immature spoiled brats, most appear to be the offspring of junkies, their parents clearly do not monitor their Godless child’s time on the Internet.

    They post under screen-names like filthy atheist, dirty leg Debbie, LN and act as if they are proud of being Godless scum. I have been deeply offended by many of these comments posted by some little tart that has a screen-name like… Godless Whore! All of the writers here at chrisTwire are sincere, dedicated people who want nothing more than to share His word.

    Well sinners your time is short. You will be judged by your own works in life. What does the Book of Life say about your time here on earth? Your deeds will determine your fate. Have you been good Christians? Or are you a Jack-Christian, otherwise commonly known as Easter & Christmas Christians? The Jack-Christian can be recognized because he’ll or she’ll be a complete stranger to you.

    The Unsaved

    These pseudo-Christians think they will join us in Heaven to be with Jesus justifying that their life hasn’t been all that bad and their good of heart. But their time in Heaven shall be brief for Scripture says… The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. Judgment will be swift and the Jack-Christian will be cast into a lake of fire!!!

    Heathen have you been saved?


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