• Rep. Barney Frank Set to Destroy Marriage

    February 11, 2012 3:04 am 21 comments
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  • Rep. Barney Frank, shown here smoking a marijuana "blunt" full of cocaine.

    Renowned gay homosexual Rep. Barney Frank has officially entrenched himself as the number one threat to the American way of life with his announcement that he plans to “marry” his longtime “partner” this summer.

    Although “partner” is usually gay slang terminology referring to a “diseased, filthy, sore-infested” homosexual person, in this case it refers to Jim Ready, Barney’s long-time accomplice in rotting the minds of our fellow countrymen.

    Barney Frank’s corpulent frame being gently caressed by the leper-like hands of Jim Ready — This horrifying thought is becoming a reality, due to the repeal of Prop 8, a law built to keep the thriving, violent community of gays in check, and prevent them from spreading their disease and influence amongst young teens.

    This is not the first and will not be the last occurrence of two men joining together in unholy matrimony. Gay homosexual marriage is only done for the purpose of making a “stand” and destroying the traditional values established during the Bush presidency. Soon, men will be able to marry dogs, horses and other exotic fauna!

    Never before in the history of America has there been a more corrupt politician; a man willing to bend the rules and blur the lines in order to further his own personal agenda.

    (Rep. Barney Frank, shown here smoking a marijuana “blunt” full of cocaine.)


    An agenda that includes, among other things– allowing and promoting abortion and various “Abortion-Plexes”, legalizing the potent street drug “marijuana” (the drug of choice among homosexuals and Blacks) and allowing criminal rapists and serial killers to roam the streets under the guise of “rehabilitation.”

    Barney is also notorious for his efforts to host intense sessions of marathon gangsex with other homosexuals in the hallowed halls of Congress.

    There is a light at the end of this otherwise bleak, HIV-infested tunnel — Barney Frank will not seek re-election at the end of his term. His reign of secular policing will come to an abrupt halt, and our children will be much safer.

    Pray hard.

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