• Rosie O’Donnell Attempts to Give Tim Tebow STDS

    February 13, 2012 12:24 am 13 comments
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    Note to Tebow: Say “No” to the “Lesbo”!

    Rosie O’Donnell is reportedly trying to use her unique blend of gluttonous lesbianism to lure Tim Tebow into a trap of sin and deceit, by offering to set the valiant Christian warrior and All-Universe Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Tim Tebow up with filthy voyeuristic media whore Jenny McCarthy.

    McCarthy is known for having invited EVERY man in America, (blacks, homeless and gays included,) to have ravenous, unprotected sex with her when she bared her breasts and vagina in the venomous pages of Playboy magazine.

    Rumors have it that Rosie O Donnell used her weighty secular advantage to physically manhandle the unsuspecting Christian quarterback into having a conversation with the modern day Bathsheba. It is unknown whether or not Tebow immediately began to vomit under the strain of this combination of grossly overweight sexually promiscuous behavior, or if he exhibited Christ-like strength (as usual) and held in his vomit for a later time.

    This latest attack by the gays and homosexuals proves that they will stop at nothing to eradicate the stronghold of Christianity, in order to spread their agenda of sexually explicit rapes and drug use among the young adult population. By eliminating Tebow from the eyes of millions of youths, they can easily spread their unclean gospel of same-sex marriage/adoption and hip-hop music.

    Tebow was said to have given his phone number to the whorish McCarthy, but that number was obviously for a rehabilitation center in hopes that McCarthy *AND* O’Donnnell can clean up their act and stop living their adult lifes in such a reprehensible fashion.

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