• Satan Has Set His Sights On The United States of America

    February 21, 2012 7:13 pm 55 comments
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  • Santorum Warns “Satan Has His Sights on America”

    Listen to the words of our dear future president, Rick Santorum, as he brings the message I’ve warned you all about since we let the mocha Muslim take office!

    America, Satan is trying to systematically dismantle our country.  Satan hates the fact that we are a Christian nation with a Godly heritage.  Liberals for years have been the whores of Satan.

    They lay prostrate before the devil of Sodom and Gomorah, letting him use them to litigate homosexuality right into the lives of our children.

    If God meant for man to marry man, why cannot a homo slap his twaddle dangle into the backside of another man and create a baby?  Why? It is not natural!


    Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    Listen to this sermon!

    Many people ask when the modern destrution of America began. I will tell you win.

    America’s destruction started in 1962. The Supreme Court said, “No God at All!” in our public schools. Even as the Ten Commandments hanged upon that liberal, pro-segregation court’s wall, they denied our children the right to pray in school.

    Friends, we are truly living in cruel days. Evil hours. The dark blood moon shall rise soon because America is allowing Satan to sodomize us all. He moans and shakes his head in delight everytime our country legalizes more abortions, private health care, aide to foreign radicals, no war on the unholy Muslims, dark terrorists in the White House. Oh, heed the words of Rick Santorum.

    We need a president in the White House who undestands the pledge we all took at some point says “One Nation Under God”.

    We must have a president who understand, the fabric of global unity, the American dollar, it says, “In God We Trust!”

    If we allow Satan to continue to lap his lips and snarl with hunger as he eyes the flesh of our innocence, in time we will be a 3rd world hellhole like Australia or even worse Europe.

    Let us put God in America again, my friends. Let us put him where he belongs.

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