• Shocking Truth Revealed… Danica Patrick is a Man!!!

    February 26, 2012 11:00 pm 13 comments
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  • Shocking Truth Revealed… Danica Patrick is a Man!!!


    Brother Johnathan Bane


    Dan Fitzpatrick age 15                                        Danica Patrick Nascar Driver


    The 54th Annual Daytona 500 happens today Sunday, February 26, 2012 LIVE and on your local FOX station. But this year’s race will open under a dark cloud of controversy after it was revealed only this morning that Nascar’s “sex-symbol” driver Danica Patrick is really a man. So far Nascar officials have not commented on this disturbing news.


    A concerned Christian and chrisTwire reader, whose name will remain undisclosed, contacted me two weeks ago with a strange story. I was told by this woman that she dated Danica in high school. “Back then Danica was known as Dan Fitzpatrick and we dated for a few months which was long enough for me to find out that he had a penis and was quite hung,” my source said.


    I informed my contact that as an investigative journalist for one of the top Christian conservative publications in the nation I just couldn’t take her word for it. I would need solid indisputable evidence before I could make something as sensational as this public.

    My source then assured me that she did have proof of her claim and she emailed me a high school yearbook photo of Dan Fitzpatrick.


    After examining the photographic evidence I admit there is a striking resemblance but that wasn’t enough, after all the yearbook photo was taken when Dan Fitzpatrick was 15 years old. I investigated further thinking my source was likely a nut job, which we at chrisTwire frequently see.

    I discovered that Dan Fitzpatrick graduated high school at 18 years old and shortly after signed papers to begin the sex change operation with a Los Angeles doctor. The process took sometime to complete but 18 months after beginning the procedure I found records in the Los Angeles Superior Court where Dan Fitzpatrick then 20 years old had his name changed to Danica Patrick and was now a woman.

    Regardless of how she / he was born, Danica still drives like a woman.

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