• Should New York Stop the Linsanity – Jeremy Lin is the Greatest Player of the Week

    February 11, 2012 2:35 am Comments Off on Should New York Stop the Linsanity – Jeremy Lin is the Greatest Player of the Week
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  • It is hard believe that only last week, the New York Knicks considered trading away the man that is now considered ‘the best’ of the week in the NBA. We’re not talking about a Tebow underdog here, my friends. We are talking about Jeremy Lin and tonight, after whooping Derek Fisher and the Lakers with 38 points, 7 assists, the entire country can only say one thing: the Linsanity!

    With Carmelo Anthony out with an injury and Amare Stoudemire dealing with personal tragedy, the Knicks slump looked like it could not get much worse. They had to resort to putting in a little known Harvard grad named Jeremy Lin, who had been already twice cut from other teams and thought to be practice squad material. That all changed after a breakout game, against all odds.

    Linsanity highlight reel!

    Then, the Knicks battle the Jazz. Going against Howard and the seasoned Earl Watson, how could this young Asian man hold up? Try 28 points.

    The Lakers highlight roll is still far too hot to publish, with Lin shooting the lights out for a whopping 38 points.  With his four starts, Lin has scored the highest of any player in NBA history.  114 points.

    Coach Dantoni was on the brink of being fired himself, but with Lin at the helm it seems the Knicks are a new organization.  NBA legend Magic Johnson commented that New York has not been so electrified for a very long time.  It would require going back to the days of Starks versus Jordan or older to get the excitement New York has with Lin.  With the Knicks’ big two starters returning, where will Lin fit into everything?  Only time will tell.

    But for now, we should all be enjoying the Linsanity and breakout players like this which make the game fun.

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