• Snookie Pregnant and Not Wearing Makeup

    February 2, 2012 4:49 am 8 comments
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  • Snooki from MTV Jersey ShoreMaury Povic is planning a “Who Da Baby Daddy?” celebrity special to compete with the Super Bowl.  The guest of honor:  Snooki.

    The headline:  Is Snooki Pregnant?  While Snooki’s reps are trying to keep this juicy story under wraps, the trends and data for people of Snooki’s demographic prove she is most likely pregnant.

    Snooki is an Afrotalian known for her leg gapping antics on hit MTV show The Jersey Shore.  Snooki’s MO is usually going to clubs, getting drunk and then sleeping with guys under covers. 

    While many parents are shocked and offended by the show, the Family Council of Research shows that since prayer was taken out of schools in 1962, cases of prostitution, disesase and death among young adult females has risen a whopping 78%.

    There are several candidates for the possible “Baby’s Daddy”, including The Situation, Jwoww and even a gay man named Joe My God.

    It looks like everyone has gotten drunk and taken a giant lollipop in hand ride on the happy fun time Snooky bandwagon.  Have you ever hopped aboard?  Before you answer that, remember that 60% of unwedlock pregnancies involve a blacked out parent.

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