• Star Wars inspired the World Wars

    February 12, 2012 12:44 pm 22 comments
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  • As we all know, Star Wars is a peel of Satan’s sin banana. As once covered, it has been proven to have inspired the 9/11 attack, but what hasn’t been proven to people until now is that Star Wars also had a hand in inspiring the 3 World Wars. Lets start with World War I. In World War I, the Europeans fought the Germans for World Conquest, which was reminiscent to when the Clones fought the Jedi Knights. In World War II, Adolf Hitler wanted revenge for his fallen allies in the past, and corresponded the Jedi with the Jew, because they both have J and E. Hitler made order 666 to exterminate all the Jews, just like The Emperor executed Order 66 to kill all Jedi. He also wanted to rule an evil empire, just like in Star Wars, but was stopped by the Rebel Alliance, AKA the United States of America. Now for World War III will be a result of these Star Wars in 3D movies. Since they both have a 3 in the name, its too obvious that a World War will break out with the United States as the new Empire, and it is unclear who shall lead the Rebellion (Probably some Asian country). If we want to end this war before it begins, we must remove the release of this movie at all costs. Brothers and Sisters, I sincerely hope you will take this warning seriously and not watch this filth, if its released to the public.

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