• The Blue Skinned Family Fugate: Is There A Human Race of Blue People in Kentucky?

    February 23, 2012 4:01 am 12 comments
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  • As many of you know, America is the great melting pot. My Republican forefathers like Abraham Lincoln was among the first to recognize that blacks should get paid to help do their easy labor jobs. We happily invite Asians, Mexicans, Indians (the whoo-whoo feather type, not the curry scented nuke builders) and even Aussies into this great country. But today America has a proud announcement to the world: we are home to a new species of human. They are called the blue people.

    PHOTO: Fugate family

    Now some of you may have a misunderstanding, thinking about how some black people have so much melanin in their skin they can appear a dark purple or blue.  This is not what today’s scientific annoucement is about.

    In the image above, you see the Fugated family.  This scientific photograph shows the family members with faces that are clearly blue, almost like the shade you see how that Hollywood movie avatar.  And before naysayer liberal students like that Claire boy or his left wing writing friends try to claim this is not true, it has been corroborated by the most ‘respected’ liberal media.

    Like all pixelated mutations that change skin from God’s original design of white to colored, the backstory to this family and all the other blue people we have today is quite fascinating.

    Paul Karason is another Blue Person - MSNBC

    Blue people have a condition called methemoglobinemia.  Their lips usually turn purple and their blood usually looks chocolate.  You’ll note that your blood usually looks red because the heme, or iron, portion of your hemoglobin binds oxygen.  The mutation of the our new friends the blue people causes such changes that they have a blue skin phenotype.

    There is still little known and tracked about the blue people Americans have brought to the Earth.  What caused their mutation?  An act of God or environment effecting genetics?  Satan tickering with the human genome?

    All of these vital questions remain.  We also must ask what are their habits?  Laid-back and care-free like more melanin heavy folk?  Studious, focused and disciplined like myself?  Cold and calculating like the Chinase!  Or worst terrorists!

    I can really hope that’s not the case, but for the most part these people look like they are good and just tinged a bit differently from myself, so they are alright in my book.  I for one welcome the blue people to the human race and America.

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