• The Sick Truth Behind My Little Pony Meetups

    February 4, 2012 7:32 pm 293 comments
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    On the face value of it all, it is easy to say that My Little Pony (MLP) is an innocent girls cartoon but as reported by Chuck D. Finley (The My Little Pony Abomination: What Is a Bronie and Why They Make God Cry), it is really a sick attempt to turn Americas fathers into gay sodomites

    Fathers want to bond with their young daughters so they watch the show with them, but soon become addicted to the show through its subliminal messages of gayness that are pumped through the airwaves and cable lines right into their TV sets. The men then buy MLP toys for their daughters as well as their selves, they meet up with other fathers to indulge in in their gay carnal delights. Even worse they spread it to their male friends so that it becomes a never ending circle jerk of godless sodomy. These homogays for Satan’s anal army are known as Bronies.

    Then when there are enough of these Bronies in a region they then have what has become known as a MLP ‘Meetup” which may also be known as a Bronicon (the New York one is called BroNYcon). They then seek the approval of their unknowing uninformed wives for permission to take their daughters to these conventions, while the loving mom stays at home with the man children and the home.

    Bronies Meetups

    These now engorged men drop their daughters off and go upstairs to the private adult rooms. Here one can find as many as a thousand men engaged in horrific My Little Penis Furry Orgies. Hundreds if not thousands of men writhe around on the floor in a gay sodomitic mass half dressed in MLP get ups and costumes and the other half covered in gay reproductive fluids and frothy mixtures of anal fluid and cherry flavored sex lube.

    When the day is done the men return to their homes and unbeknowing families to hide their shame, while convention workers have to hose off and sanitize the rooms of the vile fluids left behind after the gay sex orgy. Even more disturbing than that, if there is such a thing, is the fact that younger and younger men are becoming addicted to this godless gay inducing cartoon!

    Young males as young as 10-13 are becoming sodomites while viewing this show that purports to teach that “Friendship is magic”. As any Christian knows magic and witch craft is evil and wrong. God tells us not to tolerate a witch in our midst. We as Christians must strike down this evil gay stain upon our humanity. If you see or know any young male that is viewing this godless show please correct them. If we don’t stop them from turning all of our men gay now, then the entire Christian race may be in peril.



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