• The truth of the Music World our Generation(Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, Bring Me The Horizon), BryanStars, and Susan B. Xenu.

    February 2, 2012 4:52 pm 18 comments
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  • When you open this you think “Oh god ANOTHER HATE POST OF MY BANDS?!?!?”
    Well No.
    I love these bands and Bryan :”)
    But Susan I hate.
    “He, She, Or It?” – Says Susan B. Xenu about our Beloved Ronnie Radke.
    Lady you clearly have no life. and your pathetic comments on calling little girls whores and sluts for the music they like and just cause they start with you on your idiotic hate posts.
    Yeah you Christians are mostly the same. Some are good and LOVE this stuff

    How does it feel knowing your fellow Christians love “Satanic” music?
    Does it hurt knowing you fail at admitting the truth and success at all the lies you post?
    Good. Cause lady you got no were in life as far as I am concerned, Your on the internet all the time blabbing about how these people suck instead of going outside to get some fresh freaking air. Were’s all your friends? Do you NOT have any friends cause your a cruel brat?
    Man, How it sucks to be in your shoes.
    Your what. I don’t know your age but I know your no were near 14 or less for these kids calling them whores and sluts for listening to the music they like and because they hate you. If you loved god you would love EVERYONE INCLUDING GAYS, LESBIANS AND BISEXUAL! GET THE PICTURE YET? DO I NEED TO CONTINUE WITH BIG FONT AND BOLDED OUTLINE? DO YOU FEEL IDIOTIC YET FOR HOW YOU TREAT THE YOUTH IN THIS WORLD? 

    Man did life do you wrong. Yes Susan this is DEFINATLY a woman boy did you turn out a idiot.

    warning: My language will be pretty explicit so if your a young viewer please don’t read this when I say this lady is wacked up.
    Susan, I will speak for the world when I say,
    You did so much crack cause you my lady have CROSSED THE LINE. You are a pathetic lady
    You need to learn your sins and pray to lord and father god that you don’t die in hell.
    You lady have really screwed our music society by your un-needed crap, You attention freak I understand you have no life but to spread lies to feed your attention is stupid. I hope you get over this crap and learn your lesson.  and wanna know the truth of these bands and Bryan?
    They are not “Satanic” and “Emosexual” Susan is too fucked up to understand life in the eyes of people she never met or knew
    Bryan is not “Emosexual” he doesnt even look like it. So grow the fuck up and get your facts straight Susan if you did your homework clearly your telling the Christian world a lie and making countless Christians pissed

    I am a Roman Catholic and last time I saw a comment you wrote all Catholics are whores and sluts well.
    I don’t wear short shirts or short shorts so grow up. and we are Satanic also.

    Bitch If I was a legit Satanic then I wouldnt go to Christwire for help this is a bullcrap site thats full of lies where did the truth go?
    These bands are awesome and they help us in life not turn us into devils and Bryan lets us know whats up and whats the latest stuff I love these things Susan got a problem? Tell it to someone who cares.
    Oh and if you wish to tell my parents about how bad I AM on the internet why not tell your parents about yours? Cause you are acting like a 3 year old who’s barbie doll got stolen cause she slapped someone on the playground.  My dad is well aware of the crap I do on the internet and he sees my point cause I am with justice of bands and internet-famous people.

    wanna see enlightment? Be yourself. If your gay or lesbian be proud cause you were born that way God created you that way. Susan is most likely the real Satanic witch cause she is going against God’s word by “All people are created equally and are treated equally”. Susan last time I checked God’s word never said call little girls who are defending their rights whores or sluts. Get with the program and act your age this isnt pre-k this isnt fantasy this is the internet and real life events. Grow up. oh, and also if Andy and Ronnie and Ollie are real devils why do they tell people to not hurt the youth and to hurt them? Yes this is CLEARLY The true sign of the devil folks. -not- If you really think these men are devils ladies and gentlemen then redo your homework cause if protecting the youth and having themselves hurt from the evil to save the youth is the devil… then what the fuck is the Good then? Tell me.

    My point is Susan is a big brat and the bands we all love and BryanStars isnt Satanic they are helping us in life while Susan fails at even trying to help us.

    Like it
    GREAT! 😀
    Hate it.

    Do I really care?

    Send all the hate to the comments bar please(:


    Susan Andy BIERSACK is quiet the man who commits necrophelia to a dead corpse now doesnt he? HAHA No, Get over it the man you wish was evil isnt. 

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