• Three Africans Steal Wildebeest Leg From Family of Innocent, Hungry Lions (Video)

    February 20, 2012 5:34 pm 127 comments
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  • A prowling gang of scary Africans prepare to use knife-like spears to rob and mug an unsuspecting and innocent family of lions who worked hard to earn a wildebeest meal.

    Yes, you read the headline correctly.  Even in the savage, barren plains of Kenya, a roaming gang may mug you and take all the things you’ve worked hard to get.  The following heartbreaking video shows a family of lions being robbed by three prowling blacks.

    In this epic video of primal man versus beasts, we see several Afro-Kenyans stalking the mighty king of the jungle and his family. The women notice the Africans approaching their family first. They growl helplessly to the male lion, telling him that trouble is on the way.

    Hearts pounding with the thrill of innate criminality, the three Africans mug a pride of lions in this video.

    Samko, the cute male lion cub, died of starvation soon after this robbery. His family was not able to find a zebra until two weeks later. The local Kenyan ASPCA treked Samko and tried to feed him soon after this picture, but sadly the little guy died and African theft of what would have been his meal is to blame.

    Smartly, the lions all flee for their life and just leave their possessions behind. Just like if a prowling black tries to steal your purse, you should just let them have it and run! These lionesses may have lost their meal, but at least they still have their lives.

    Viewing this video, how can we as a country feel safe?  If these people are brave enough to rob a family of mighty lions, what hope have you of protecting your pure, taut daughter’s suburban borne, fed and raised body from baggy pantsed Afro pride hips hopsters?

    What safety is a little alarm in your car going to provide to people whose cousins are brave enough to mug a 1,400 pound male lion?  ADT cannot help you here my friends.

    It is just like watching an episode of the great show Bait Car.  These Africans cannot resist taking what is not theirs and as you can see to the right, the price is the loss of innocence.

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