• Timeless Singer Whitney Houston Dead at 48 in Beverly Hills, No Good Bobby Brown In Shock

    February 12, 2012 12:46 am 9 comments
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  • My heart is heavy tonight.  It is with sad heart that I must report one of the most beautiful voices of our lifetime has passed away.  Whitney Houston is dead at 48.

    Whitney Houston is what you call a real singer.  No autotunes or lip-syncing was necessary for Whitney Houston.  She was all natural, like a cup of sweet milk carmel mocha.  She could put you to ease on the roughest day with a voice that was truly from God.

    Houston had 7 singles in a row go Billboard #1, was a multi Grammy winner and even ventured out into an acting career.  She was raised in church and her movie “The Preacher’s Wife” reflected that fact, as well as cross-overs songs she did with gospel artist CeCe Winans.

    Many consider the negative turning point in Whitney Houston’s life to be when she married the hipped hopper Bobby Brown.  He was in a band named New Edition and is really what I’d call a ‘Fly By Night’ personality.  Many people think that Whitney’s relationship with the ‘bad boy’ Bobby Brown drove her into her life’s main destructive choice: doing drugs.

    Whitney entered a dark period of no new music and repeated victimization of what insiders say was an abusive relationship by Bobby Brown.  In that relationship, Houston did become a mother, but overall the toll her time with Brown took on the singer ruined her career.

    When Whitney finally emerged from ‘the darkness’, her voice was different, eaten by drugs.  But somewhere within her, there was that voice we all loved from the 80s.  It is sad that we’ve lost yet another talented singer, only weeks after Etta James.  Women who can actually sing and be popular for their voices, and not flaunting themselves around like little dime Vegas sluts, are becoming more and more rare.  And it is with that, that we mourn the loss of Whitney Houston.

    May angels lead you in, Whitney Houston, and may your songs continue to endure as a representative of what real talent from our lifetime sounds like.  In other news, Katy Perry will flash her fleshmounds next week to gain attention for her ‘singing’.

    This is a song that speaks to my heart.

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