• Under Investigation for Campaign Finance Violations, Viacom Cancels Stephen Colbert’s “Colbert Report”

    February 16, 2012 1:32 pm 78 comments
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  • Years of political mudslinging and questionable financial schemes have finally caught up with popular Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert. Sources inside the Federal Election Commission have revealed that an investigation was launched some weeks ago and has now garnered the interest of the FBI. According to the website Politico.com and others, the focus of the examination involves Colbert’s curiously-named Super PAC “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.” The news marks a shocking fall from grace for the liberal icon. For the record, Mr. Colbert has not responded to repeated media requests for comment.

    Sources close to the investigation have noted that Colbert’s political action committee first drew the attention of authorities when it attempted to funnel payments to Republican leaders in South Carolina in an effort to influence the primary election there. Questions about exactly how much the group has raised also became a focus. According to filings made with the FEC, the super Pac has only $1.02 million on record, while an external audit pegged that figure to be far higher. A further look at the advertising company that produces the PAC’s marketing campaign revealed a series of unexplained payments to a Colbert family member and personal expenses for private jet travel.

    stephenson billings on colbertWhile Mr. Colbert often presents a cheery, charismatic façade on television, rumors about an erratic and increasingly paranoid media figure have circulated on the internet for years. It has been suggested that the allure of power simply grew too great for the comedian, who has been known to suffer from bouts of egocentricity and prolonged libidinal dysfunction. Indeed, the PR team at Comedy Central has had to work overtime to quash stories about Colbert’s extensive personal security detail and construction at a compound he is building in upstate New York. According to complaints, neighbors worry about the large wall planned to enclose the property and local officials complain that a series of elaborate “safe rooms” violate fire safety regulations. One inspector noted seeing what appeared to be an arsenal of munitions on the property, only to find no trace on a subsequent visit.

    Mr. Colbert’s mental health concerns underscore other issues media critics have had with the television star. Since the launch of “The Colbert Report” in 2005, some have accused the program of unfairly representing conservative and Christian voices in America. Often the program seems little more than political advertising for the Democrat party, pushing an extreme form of progressive politics on a naëve public without fully disclosing its financial links. From the beginning, Stephen Colbert’s agenda has been to do an end-run around campaign finance laws. In the process, he has promoted voter fraud and illegal marijuana abuse, disrespect for our military and the communist sympathies of union organizers.

    stephenson billings on colbertAs this journalist first reported several years ago, Stephen Colbert is simply not funny and he is not a comedian. Mocking Christian tradition and American patriotism may win you fans among the extreme leftwing, but it does little to further the political discourse in a nation struggling with serious internal problems. There is no humor in kicking an injured child as it struggles towards the Light of God, yet Colbert has banked millions doing just that. His performances are crude and rife with disinformation. He leers at his audience with an intent that feels almost sexual, as if he harbors a devastating combination of genital greed and psychological inadequacy. It shall come as no surprise, then, that the secretive and maniacal Colbert would so brazenly embezzle from a highly visible political organization. Maybe the man has lost all sense of compunction and decency, any awareness of faith and morality. Would anyone be surprised to learn that there is an addiction problem behind this degree of recklessness? One can surmise it could possibly be cocaine, due to its popularity among the Hollywood set, or even something more profane and obscure, like a hardcore sexual fetish for bondage and animals.

    Is this a teachable moment for Stephen Colbert’s liberal fan base? Will progressives finally admit the corruption and moral fallacy at the heart of their socialist maneuvers? Time will tell if the liberal media will fully investigate this growing scandal. Any hint of sexual impropriety that involves animal abuse would surely become a democrat cause célèbre were it to involve a conservative figure, yet this case will test how far Hollywood insiders will go to protect one of their own. At this junction we must ask if other celebrities are involved in Colbert’s alleged cocaine and bestiality parties on private jets paid for with political donations. Was the president himself made aware of these details? What did Mr. Obama know and when did he know it? The president’s unexplained silence on this issue surely raises concerns.

    stephenson billings on colbertComedy Central’s parent company, Viacom Inc. has not released any additional information about this unfolding news story. In a brief notice posted on their website Thursday morning, they noted “Stephen Colbert has been temporarily suspended from Comedy Central due to issues that, on advice from our legal counsel, we cannot comment on at this time.” Many media experts note that this is the first move in a process of fully canceling the show and insulating Viacom’s board of directors from federal prosecution. By Thursday afternoon, speculation was circulating that Viacom is now cooperating with authorities.

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