• Women Who Marry and Hyphenate Their Last Names Are Sluts

    February 1, 2012 6:07 pm 33 comments
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  • Women of today will cover their ears and deny the authority of their men. That is because men of today have no spine and are weak. Get your women in control men.

    And God said “Let there be light.” And it was so. And it should be the way every time a man opens his mouth. “Woman, shut up and turn on the light.” It should be so and it should be good. A good woman does a command just as fast as God’s voice.

    So where has it gone wrong? When has it become that God’s voice does not cause a lightning fast response to happen?

    “At some point in every relationship, the terrible onus of responsibility falls upon a man and he must gently beat his wife back into place for the greater good.” -Chuck Reagan

    When a priest says “I now pronounce you a man and his wife” there is a obligation all you chicken headed women have.  Shut up.  Sit down.  Pop out babies.  And shut your mouth.

    Don’t squawk or hate, females.  The greatest man of all who is named GOD has this to say.

    1 Corinthians 7: 4. – A wife does not have authority over her own body, but her husband does.

    Bam!  Read it if you can, XX.  So when the Bible is saying this and so many of you women are calling yourselves good women, why are you hyphenating your last name?

    There is some writer on this site going by Ashner-Barsky.  What sort of nonsense is this?  You are seeing it more in Hollywood and normal society.  Let me tell you a little secret that’s obvious when you realize it.

    Women who marry and hyphenate their names are sluts.

    And before you open your hooker mouth, hyphenated women, drop a tick tack and think back to that sluttiest moment when you had your ankles behind your head and were bent like a double jointed lobster.  You steamed yet?  I bet your husband would be too if he new all the junk you do behind his back.

    Women are not trustworthy.  They are meant to be dominated.  A man must rule his home with an iron fist and make his woman cower in respect.  When a man enters a room, the wife should be jumping as high as she can and doing whatever he wants.  This is simple logic.

    That’s all I got to say right now.  Women who hyphenate their last names are trying to delude themselves.  When you marry a man, you take his last name because he owns you.  That is the way it has always been.  Kids get the man’s last name.  A woman is no different.  Men, if your wife is trying to do a hyphen job on you, slap her gently and tell her to put a hot meal on the table.

    She will take your last name and she will create many little creatures who carry your last name too.  That is love.  I’m out and until next time, let’s be real America.

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