• Wyoming Introduces Bizarre Doomsday Bill House Bill 85

    February 29, 2012 9:28 am Comments Off on Wyoming Introduces Bizarre Doomsday Bill House Bill 85
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  • We may just have to nuke Wyoming. Oh how sad it is that President Abraham Lincoln weeps today because Wyoming is introducing a bizarre Doomsday Bill. In this crazy piece of ‘legislation’, Wyoming is making provisions on what to do if America’s economy gets too bad.

    Included in their plan is to ‘accept a form of money other than the dollar’. I think that is speak of heresy and not very American. Why would you make such plans as the Doomsday Bill House Bill 85 if you are a true American.

    What a sad state our country has come to when a heartland state like Wyoming cannot be trusted. I say we send in the federal troops now and just make the capitol under US custody, because clearly there are some socialist democrats trying to cause the plot of “Wolverines” to take place

    For those of you too young to know, Red Dawn Wolverines tells the story of an America betrayed by people like Wyoming. They allow the Soviets to start taking over and a group of highschoolers have to save the day.

    Let’s hope Wyoming comes to its senses before things get so bad.

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