• 21 Pokemon Brought To Life By an Artist

    March 30, 2012 10:13 pm 69 comments
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  • Twilight

    This Pokemon is a demon ritual blood type, basically the respresentation of a vampire on the game.  We all know the statistics.  1 out of 3 kids who are infatuated with vampire lore do blood drinking rituals and have pregnancy pap smear parties with one another.  If that’s not bad enough, they get drunk on drinks called Clamato and do not remember what they did until they are at the hospital 9 months later, popping out a crying sack of shame for you and the family.


    It’s a cat, evolved.  There cannot be much more evil than that.

    MagicMint Berry

    Drug dealers always try to come up with fun, cutesy names for marjuana so that it sounds more family friendly and tasty.  They don’t want kids to know that it’s a gateway drug to cracked cocaine and prostitution, it’s addictive effects nothing compared to how it causes cancer and meth mouth to develop.   Malibu Mellowmelon, Caribbean chill, The Soothing Scwaggy, Uncle Tweey Puff’s Cherry Smoke.  These names are all things your children will know as ‘flavors’ of Maryjane, but they all will be wanting a puffy puff pass of this MagicMint Berry.  If you don’t want your child arrested as a future drug addict, keep them away from Pokemon.


    Look at the hand of this miniature version of Pikachu.  It is suggestively pointing its fingers at a cherry on a fresh spring bush.  Wake up, parents!  That is subliminal Japanese for plowing your daughter’s untouched secret gardens!  How sick do you have to let a game get before you agree to BURN IT ALL!  If you see this game in your home, BURN IT AND DEMAND YOUR CHILD NEVER PLAYS IT AGAIN.

    Pokemon is an evil game and it cannot be stressed enough.  Hopefully this expose on their characters has opened your eyeballs and let you know what sick filthy this all is!


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